Avatar Plugs Of The Week – Two Nights Of The Living Dead And One Lady Death

Shipping tomorrow from Avatar, in the US and the UK, it's bit of a thematic death week for them. Lady Death, Living Dead, Living Dead annuals. Then again, I suppose, for Avatar when is it not? Do check out the previews below and reward my patron.


Cover: Garrie Gastonny
Writer: Brian Pulido and Mike Wolfer
Art: Marcelo Mueller
Readership: MR
Format: Full Color, 32 pages, on-going monthly

UPC: 82002300762204011

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The shocking all-new Lady Death on-going series continues as she begins her return to power! Martial Arts action, swordplay, monsters and ghosts combine in a tale of incredible danger, in which defeat in battle carries a more torturous penalty than even death can deliver. Tracking a shard of her very soul to the depths of a foul jungle in Medieval China, Illadra the thief hopes to recapture her stolen heritage… That of Lady Death, the warrior queen. Even with the assistance of a noble heir to a stolen throne and the loyal
warriors who battle by his side, can Illadra possibly triumph over the terrors beyond imagining within the castle of the evil Fung Wei? And even before they step foot within the walls of the corpse-infested stronghold, the group must first deal with a beast Illadra thought she had killed: The werewolf assassin sent by Death Queen to rip Illadra to shreds! Co-written by Mike (Gravel, Wolfskin) Wolfer and original creator Brian Pulido, this series promises to be the most powerful Lady Death tale ever! Amazing new talent Marcelo Mueller provides the luscious art and Digikore brings the dramatic colors wrapped in a stunning new cover by Garrie (Supergod) Gastonny! Also available with a Wraparound cover by Juan Jose Ryp and a special Art Deco Retailer Order Incentive by painter Michael Dipascale!


Cover: Paul Duffield
Writer: Mike Wolfer and John Russo
Art: Tomas Aira
Readership: MR
Format: Full Color, 32 pages, 4 of 5

UPC: 82002300758504011

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Fans have demanded it, the most unprecedented and horrifying night in American history continues as the next chapter of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is revealed at last! Seeking only to expose an unspeakable atrocity in a small Vietnam village at the hands of U.S. troops, a Vietnam War veteran has ignited a firestorm of public outrage, culminating in a full-scale riot in the heart of Washington D.C. One careless gunshot has led to a tidal wave of slaughter as hundreds of now-violent war protesters are cut down by Nation Guard rifle fire in the most shocking massacre in American history. But it gets worse, because the insidious, scientific anomaly which has been bringing the dead back to life resurrects the fallen, creating an overwhelming army of flesh-hungry zombies in the heart of the Nation's capital… And nothing can stop them! Written by the smash duo of Mike Wolfer and John Russo, the original film co-writer, this blood-drenched five-issue series features new artist Tomas Aira. Don't miss all the terrifying covers, Paul (Freakangels) Duffield provides the Regular edition, Raulo (Cpt Swing) Caceres melts eyeballs with the Wraparound cover, and twisted Matt Martin splatters the Gore covers all over the page. Also, retailers can get a ultra-rare Classic B&W cover as an order incentive.


Cover: Mike Wolfer
Writer / Artist: Mike Wolfer
Readership: MR
Format: Full Color, 32 pages, one shot

UPC: 82002300765320111

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Mike Wolfer delivers an all-new gore-filled tale of zombie mayhem! When the contagion began in rural America, we were instructed to flee to the cities. When the cities became inundated, they became veritable death traps. Nowhere was safe and there was nowhere to run to escape the evil of the living dead. Now, the fight for life is reduced to desperation, as a group of refugees clings to the hope that sanctuary lies deep in the alligator-infested bayous of Antebellum Louisiana. But that hope is about to be dashed, because their fortified mansion stronghold on an abandoned sugar plantation becomes the very thing that lures the undead out of the swamps…

That, and the tantalizing smell of tender, human flesh! Written and drawn by Mike Wolfer, this one shot features Wolfer drawing the Regular and Wraparound covers, and Raulo (Crossed) Caceres splatters the Gore covers all over the page. Also, retailers can get a ultra-rare Classic B&W cover as an order incentive.

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