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Lady Death Rules Hell with Beauty and Fury with New PCS Statue 
For Lady Death fans, a new statue has arrived from Premium Collectibles Studio Capturing the legendary artwork of Frank Cho, the power and beauty of this deadly goddess come to life Measuring in at 14" tall and 16" wide, Lady Death sits upon her throne once more, surrounded by golden drakes Plenty of detail was[...]
Evil Ernie #5 (Eternity, 1992).
Fictional personifications of death often become iconic, and this one is no exception.  Lady Death first appeared in 1991's Evil Ernie #1 from comics publisher Eternity, created by Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes.  Both Lady Death and Evil Ernie have gone on to become comic book stars in their own right, and those early moments[...]
Lady Death Shows Her Deadly Beauty with PCS Collectibles
The seductive power of Lady Death arrives as PCS Collectibles reveals their newest Coffin Comics statue Coming in at a massive 30.5" tall, Lady Death is back as Hell gets a little bit sexier with this deadly woman down there PCS captures the beauty of this queen to perfection with her white hair and white[...]
Artist Joel Gomez Celebrates La Muerta Kickstarter Success
Then again, sometimes things exceed expectations by a huge margin. Brian Pulido is well known for his Lady Death series and character, which has survived multiple publishers and incarnations when other properties have fallen by the wayside He's seeking to expand the "Coffinverse" of characters from Coffin Comics with his new graphic novel, La Muerta: Onslaught[...]
XM Studios is giving Marvel fans a real treat here with their Thanos and Lady Death statue This statue is highly detailed and features Thanos and his cosmic lover Lady Death is a wide variety of poses This statue is super customizable with three alternative portraits for Thanos with a standard evil grin, a screaming[...]
NYCC Panel Report: “Social Media Optimization for Comic Book Creators” (Part 1)
She posted Bleeding Cool's article about her comic on Facebook and that got her a lot of attention. Brian Pulido is the creator of Lady Death and the former publisher of Chaos! Comics He returned to publishing in 2007 with Coffin Comics, publishing Lady Death and Hellwitch He interviewed retailers to understand the current state of[...]
Thanos #18 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela
The Annihilation Wave has been extinguished, and the only matter left is for the Thanos of our time to kill King Thanos so that he may now and forever be with his Lady Death Our Thanos is all too happy to oblige. Thanos #18 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela This isn't so much a twist[...]
Jai Nitz And Gabriel Andrade Team For Hellina #1 In Boundless' April 2016 Solicitations
Plus you can get some rare Lady Death, Belladona, Webwitch and Hellina covers and box sets. (Bounless and Bleeding Cool are both owned by Avatar Press… and for full disclosure I wrote the Jungle Fantasy Vixens story.) HELLINA #1 Retail Price: $5.99 US Cover & Art: Gabriel Andrade Writer: Jai Nitz MR, Color, 64 pages, 1 of 3 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Giant-size 64[...]
Webwitch #2 Leads Boundless December Solicitations
Boundless is also offering up some new Lady Death covers that were previously unavailable. WEBWITCH #2 Retail Price: $4.99 US Cover: Matt Martin Writer & Artist: Matt Martin MR, Color, 48 pages, 2 of 5 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The heat turns up in this giant-sized second issue! Matt Martin's Webwitch is a sexy horror tour de force that takes fans on a[...]
Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Hits Shelves From Boundless
Boundless has the over-sized Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 hitting comic shops this week with a 33-page story by character creator Brian Pulido and a gallery of unseen sketches and original pencils. Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Special triple-sized issue!  The biggest Lady Death issue of her 24 year illustrious history is here!  Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 is a super-sized,[...]
Boundless Solicitations For October 2015 – From Ember To Lady Death To Pandora
Between Lady Death, Ember and Pandora, from issue zero fashion shoots to San Diego Comic Con four years ago, here's a look at Boundless' offerings for October 2015. EMBER #0 FASHION SHOOT – FIVE BOOK SET $49.99 Covers: Christian Zanier Set of 5 comics There is no brighter star in the fashion scene than Christian Zanier's Ember! This chic set captures[...]
Boundess Solicitations For September 2015 – The Biggest Lady Death Ever
Here are the solicitations for Avatar Press' sister company Boundless for September 2015… as Lady Death gets a zero issue for her Apocalypse run, the biggest single issue of Lady Death ever…. LADY DEATH: APOCALYPSE #0 $6.99 Cover: Jason Eden Writer: Brian Pulido Art: Carolos Valenzuela, Marcelo Mueller, Wellinton Alves MR, Color, 64 pages Special triple-sized issue! The biggest Lady Death issue of[...]
Get 3 Times The Lady Death Content For 10 More Hours Only
When Boundless started their short-form Kickstarter for Lady Death #0 set to last only two weeks rather than a month, they hit their modest $5,000 goal fairly quickly, but the furthest stretch goal of $18,000, which would triple the page count on the Lady Death issue 0 being funded (from 33 pages up to 96)[...]
Boundless In August Offers Previously Exclusive Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 Cover
August is a collectors delight as Boundless offers up four limited edition Lady Death covers and two box sets. LADY DEATH: APOCALYPSE #1 KICKSTARTER CVR Retail Price: $9.99 US Cover: Jason Eden MR, Color, 32 pages PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Previously only available to the Kickstarter supporters, we have a few copies left of this stunning painted cover by Jason Eden! Limited[...]
Lady Death Returns To Comic Shops This Week With Apocalypse
Iconic bad girl Lady Death returns to comic shops this week with Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 from Boundless Comics The new six-part series debuts after a successful Kickstarter campaign with Mike Wolfer scripting and Marc Borstel doing the art and includes a large "story so far" section to catch up new readers. Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 The Queen of[...]
Boundless Solicitations For March 2015 –  Lady Death
Shipping in March from Boundless LADY DEATH: APOCALYPSE #2 $3.99 Cover: Renato Camilo Writer: Mike Wolfer Art: Marc Borstel MR, Color, 32 pages, monthly Artist Marc Borstel brings the number one comics bad girl back to life in the exciting new Lady Death: Apocalypse series! Join in the delicious horror as we resurrect the harrowing adventures of the longest running independent femme[...]
Step By Step Through Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 With Artist Marc Borstel
Earlier this week, we brought you an interview with Lady Death: Apocalypse artist Marc Borstel where he talked about his process and influences, and even showed us some process artwork Now, he's kindly extended that glimpse into his work by providing us with screenshots of his actual step by step creation of pages for Lady[...]
Visual Ballet – Talking With Lady Death's Marc Borsel About The New Series
Lady Death is returning to comics from Boundless, via an already-funded-at-200% Kickstarter (with three days to go). Bleeding Cool Editor-In-Chief, Hannah Means-Shannon talked to the comic's artist Marc Bostel about the return of Lady Death, and got a look at the process of creation in the… well, process. Here is that interview, as well as examples of the digital means[...]
Boundless Solicitations For February Includes Lady Death: Apocalypse #1
Boundless brings back Lady Death with a the new Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 by Mike Wolfer and Marc Borstel and then offers up a few special covers from the previous Lady Death series All these products are shipping in February 2015. LADY DEATH: APOCALYPSE #1 Retail Price: $4.99 US Cover: Renato Camilo Writer: Mike Wolfer Art: Marc Borstel MR, Color, 40[...]
Swipe File: The White Shadow And Lady Death
On the left, the cover of L'Ombre Blanche by Antoine Carrion and on the right a sketch cover of Lady Death by Frank Cho, courtesy of Eurocomics USA Invasion… In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of the lightbox[...]
The Curse Of Ragdoll: Mike Wolfer Goes Goth(ic)
Mike Wolfer writes for Bleeding Cool: If you're a fan of Avatar Press, you're probably familiar with my work as a writer, artist, or both on Warren Ellis' GRAVEL, Garth Ennis' STITCHED, Brian Pulido's LADY DEATH, and a host of other horror titles including FRIDAY THE 13TH and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Throughout May 2014,[...]
Avatar And Boundless Solicitations For May 2013
First proper issue of Kieron Gillen's Uber, plenty of Crossed, Stitched, Dan The Unharmable, Fashion Beast, Night Of The Living Dead and Lady Death, courtesy of Avatar and Boundess in May… currently the only publisher to have new books by Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, David Lapham and Gillen. CROSSED: WISH YOU WERE HERE VOL 02[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week: LADY DEATH #25 – It All Starts Here
This is it: The most incredible turning point in the history of the LADY DEATH series itself! Having returned to the Under Realm, Lady Death finds that everything she knew and understood about herself, her magical heritage and her powers have been irrevocably shattered Not only must she come to terms with new abilities which make[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week: LADY DEATH #24
Eight years of Boundless Comics' LADY DEATH history has all been leading to today's Lady Death #24, the most defining moment of all time for the sultry, albino goddess! In this stunning issues by Mike Wolfer and Marcelo Mueller, the horrific nature of The Void is finally revealed, and once Agony is released from bondage, the[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week: Lady Death #24 Preview
Lady Death fans have been waiting eight years for this issue, the most defining moment of all time for the sultry, albino goddess! That is no exaggeration, as answers will finally be revealed!  Can't wait? Here is a sneak preview of this week's Lady Death #24 by Mike Wolfer and Marcelo Mueller… [...]
Avatar Plug of the Week: Lady Death #23
In stores today… Lady Death #23 by Mike Wolfer! Lady Death's nightmarish voyage of discovery within The Void continues, and takes a most unexpected and unimaginable turn! With the heart-wrenching turmoil of her original sacrifice still fresh in her mind, Hope and her two closest allies must fight for their lives against an enormous, undead, two-headed[...]