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American Mythology May 2018 Solicits

55 Years of the Pink Panther: American Mythology May 2018 Solicits

Pink Panther celebrates his 55th anniversary, Mike Wolfer's Gallery of Monsters returns, and Stargate Atlantis receives a reader's and covers set. All of this comes from American Mythology's May 2018 solicits. More details below. MAR181092 PINK PANTHER 55TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 MAIN CUESTA CVR (W) Todd Livingston, Anne Toole (A) Bill Glavan (CA) Jazz dela Cuesta The first Pink Panther […]

Once More Into The Land That Time Forgot

Edgar Rice Burroughs' Land That Time Forgot is returning to comics in July thanks to American Mythology Productions. The new series will tell original tales set in the world created by Burroughs and feature a mix of characters from the original story and new ones. The return to the mysterious island of Caspak is being written […]

Mike Wolfer's Run On Crossed: Badlands Collected

Mike Wolfer's run on Crossed: Badlands has been collected into Vol 15 as he tells the tale two women who used a best-selling survival guide to keep themselves alive during the outbreak. Wolfer wrote and illustrated. Both the trade and hard cover collections will be in stores tomorrow from Avatar Press (our parent company). Crossed: […]

Mike Wolfer To Finish A Widow Miniseries After 19 Years (Updated)

Mike Wolfer has made his mark in horror comics, having worked on titles like Night of the Living Dead, Friday the 13th, Lady Death and Crossed: Badlands. But his first dive into the genre took place in 1992 when he created the character Widow. Now Wolfer is returning to that character with her first miniseries […]

This Week From Avatar Press – Crossed: Badlands #81 and #82

This week from Avatar Press we have two issues of Crossed: Badlands which kick off a new story arc both written and drawn by Mike Wolfer. Crossed: Badlands #81 A new story arc "The Lesser of Two Evils" written and illustrated by Mike Wolfer begins here! Sometimes a group of people can be too clever […]

Mike Wolfer To Launch Daughters Of The Dark Oracle

Indy horror creator Mike Wolfer has built his reputation on books like Night Of The Living Dead, Friday the 13th, Lady Death, Gravel and Stitched as well as his own creation Ragdoll. Now he is starting up Mike Wolfer Entertainment and has announced the first release: Daughters Of The Dark Oracle. Set in 1877, Daughters […]

Lady Death: Apocalypse In Shops This Week From Boundless

This week in shops from Boundless Comics is the fourth issue of the Lady Death: Apocalypse series by Mike Wolfer and Marc Borstel. This new issue comes in seven different covers by artist such as Renato Camilo, Juan Jose Ryp and Richard Ortiz. Lady Death: Apocalypse #4 The conflict for control of the Under Realm […]

The Secret Of The Direknights Revealed In Lady Death: Apocalypse #3

New in shops this week from Boundless Comics, Lady Death: Apocalypse #3 by Mike Wolfer and Marc Borstel. Lady Death searches for the cause of the Direknights in hopes of finding out how to destroy them. Lady Death: Apocalypse #3 Lady Death and the angel Valora venture to a secluded monastery which houses the greatest […]

The Dire Knights Rise In Lady Death: Apocalypse #2

Boundless Comics this week ships out Lady Death: Apocalypse #2 that features the rise of the Dire Knights. The series features the writing of Mike Wolfer and the art of Marc Borstel and continues an important chapter in the horror icons existence. Lady Death: Apocalypse #2 Artist Marc Borstel brings the number one comics bad […]

Lady Death Returns To Comic Shops This Week With Apocalypse

Iconic bad girl Lady Death returns to comic shops this week with Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 from Boundless Comics. The new six-part series debuts after a successful Kickstarter campaign with Mike Wolfer scripting and Marc Borstel doing the art and includes a large "story so far" section to catch up new readers. Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 The […]

Mike Wolfer Spins Count Bathory Out Of His Ragdoll Series

Mike Wolfer, writer and illustrator who has worked on Friday the 13th, Night of the Living Dead and Lady Death as well as his own creation Ragdoll, is taking to Kickstarter for a new project. After his last successful kickstarter campaign for a Ragdoll trade, Wolfer is now going to spin one of the characters, […]

Boundless Solicitations For February Includes Lady Death: Apocalypse #1

Talk about coming back big. Boundless brings back Lady Death with a the new Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 by Mike Wolfer and Marc Borstel and then offers up a few special covers from the previous Lady Death series. All these products are shipping in February 2015. LADY DEATH: APOCALYPSE #1 Retail Price: $4.99 US Cover: […]

The Curse Of Ragdoll: Mike Wolfer Goes Goth(ic)

Mike Wolfer writes for Bleeding Cool: If you're a fan of Avatar Press, you're probably familiar with my work as a writer, artist, or both on Warren Ellis' GRAVEL, Garth Ennis' STITCHED, Brian Pulido's LADY DEATH, and a host of other horror titles including FRIDAY THE 13TH and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Throughout May […]