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Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for September 11-17, 2018
Check out the full list of releases this week below, pick out your favorites and choose your games wisely, and as always; have fun! September 11th Boundless (PS4) Claws Of Furry (PS4) Mercenaries Saga Chronicles (Switch) NBA 2K19 (PC, PS4, Switch, XB1) NHL 19 (PS4, XB1) Nefarious (PS4) Super Street: The Game (PS4, XB1) V-Rally 4 (PS4) September 12th ADIOS Amigos (XB1) Construction Simulator 2 (PS4, XB1) Fossil[...]
jungle fantasy july 2018
Did you read the Avatar Press solicits earlier today? Then rinse and repeat for their sister publisher Boundless Who, despite being the sister publisher of Bleeding Cool owner Avatar Press I had to find their July 2018 solicitations lounging around on a retail site rather than, I don't know, being sent to me or something… Anyway,[...]
Jungle Fantasy: Ivory Reaches All Stretch Goals – Publishers Should Take Note
Books like Crossed, God is Dead, Uber became the focus and the other characters drifted to the background. Now, thanks to the Boundless imprint, those characters are getting new life Hellina, Lookers, Jungle Fantasy are all reconnecting with their fans thanks to Kickstarter projects And each time a new project is started, they exceed their goals[...]
Jai Nitz And Jack Jadson's Ravening Lead The Boundless July 2016 Solicitations
Here are the Boundless Comics solicitations for  July 2016 featuring the return of the Ravening by Jai Nitz and Jack Jadson Plus special covers for Jungle Fantasy: Vixens, Belladonna, Hellina and more. Boundless, like Bleeding Cool, is a subsidiary of Avatar Press. RAVENING #1 Retail Price: $5.99 US Cover: Christian Zanier Writer: Jai Nitz Art: Jack Jadson MR, Color, 64 pages PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:[...]
The Lauch of Lookers – Boundless Solicits For June 2016
The Boundless Comics solicitations for June 2016 leads with the recently Kickstartered and revived nineties bad girl comic, Lookers, reinvented by Mike Costa… LOOKERS #0 Retail Price: $6.99 Cover & Art: Renato Camilo Writer: Mike Costa MR, Color, 80 pages A giant 80 page debut issue! Mike Costa delivers a new generation of bad-ass babes in the[...]
Belladonna #0 In Ships This Week From Boundless
Boundless kicks off a new Belladonna series with a zero issue while Matt Martin's Webwitch continues with issue #3 on the last Wednesday of the year (Boundless and Bleeding Cool are both owned by Avatar Press). Belladonna #0 The all-new Belladonna epic begins here! It's the story of a Viking warrior and her army of shield maidens[...]
How Mike Costa Made Me The Man I Am – Jai Nitz On Hellina
He told me that the people at Boundless were looking for new writers and he wanted to know if it was okay to give them my name I told him of course it was This wasn't the first email of this kind Mike has always looked out for me when it came to extra work[...]
Boundless Solicitations For February 2016 – All About The Webwitch
Christian Zanier illustrates the Vintage Vixen (a homage to sexy spies of the past) and the ultra-collectable Costume Change 6 cover set (with sexy topless and nude covers included!) that is limited to just 250 sets. For the erotic art collectors, there is an Alien Erotica Adult cover by Matt Martin and an Adult cover by[...]
Bringing Back Al Rio's Jungle Fantasy For A Modern Day Audience Of Outrage
Boundless is bringing back the Avatar Press title Jungle Fantasy by Al Rio, and is using Kickstarter for funding and pre-orders. Originally published in 2007, Jungle Fantasy: Vixens #1 and #2 are intended to be the beginning of a revival of the title. The Vixens, Kit and Lani, came to this exotic world when their spacecraft crash landed[...]
Just In Time For Halloween – Webwitch Returns To Comics Shop
This newest release from Boundless Comics hits the stories with seven different covers. Webwitch #1 Ten Years in the making, Matt Martin's Webwitch launches with an enormous 64 page first issue!  Written and drawn by the cover maestro, Matt Martin, Webwitch is the story of a sultry secret agent, with skills far beyond her peers.  She never suspects[...]
Webwitch #2 Leads Boundless December Solicitations
Boundless is also offering up some new Lady Death covers that were previously unavailable. WEBWITCH #2 Retail Price: $4.99 US Cover: Matt Martin Writer & Artist: Matt Martin MR, Color, 48 pages, 2 of 5 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The heat turns up in this giant-sized second issue! Matt Martin's Webwitch is a sexy horror tour de force that takes fans on a[...]
Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Hits Shelves From Boundless
Boundless has the over-sized Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 hitting comic shops this week with a 33-page story by character creator Brian Pulido and a gallery of unseen sketches and original pencils. Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Special triple-sized issue!  The biggest Lady Death issue of her 24 year illustrious history is here!  Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 is a super-sized,[...]
Matt Martin Talks Webwitch And The Overwhelming Fan Support
Boundless Comics has been on a great streak lately Each of their kickstarter projects have funded early into the cycle allowing them to offer some extra cool stretch goals Their latest kickstarter is no different with Matt Martin's Webwitch getting close to triple its goal with only a few hours left I had a chance[...]