BBC America Developing Nottingham, A New Take On Robin Hood


… and new and very different take. According to Deadline, the new series, from the creator of NBC's Dracula and the producers of The Blacklist, will position Robin Hood and his adversary the Sheriff of Nottingham as… the same person.

Called "a Game Of Thrones reinvention" of the Robin Hood legend, Nottingham will follow the Sheriff of Nottingham, who's secretly enraged over his wife being killed by the King's men. By day he plays along with being a loyal Royal follower, but by night, using the access he has from his day job, he becomes Robin Hood and attacks the King and his men, looting them and spreading the stolen wealth around to the poor peasants, all while secretly gathering forces to launch a revolution against the Crown.

I really hope I'm missing something here because, at best, this sounds implausible. At worst, well…

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