Eleven Years Experience – A Very First Comic Con In Nottingham

Toby Johnston is eleven years old, and he attended this weekend's Nottingham Comic Con This marks his first published work for Bleeding Cool And, yes, he is my nephew.First Comic con ever – First time in a convention centre- Best time ever! There were a bunch of friendly comic authors to meet when I walked[...]

BBC America Developing Nottingham, A New Take On Robin Hood

According to Deadline, the new series, from the creator of NBC's Dracula and the producers of The Blacklist, will position Robin Hood and his adversary the Sheriff of Nottingham as.. the same person.Called "a Game Of Thrones reinvention" of the Robin Hood legend, Nottingham will follow the Sheriff of Nottingham, who's secretly enraged over his[...]

Page 45 To Run School Library Workshops

It is considered by many to be the finest comic shop in the world.But that's not enough, apparently.Steven L Holland from Page 45 in Nottingham, is presenting interactive show-and-tell workshops on Manga And Graphic Novels for school libraries at the School Libraries Conference in Windsor tomorrow.Displaying fifty specially selected young adult graphic novels during the presentation[...]

Welcome To Your New Wayne Manor – Wollaton Park Hall

Wollaton Park in Nottingham, England, is close to visitors today, as Warners are filming the new Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises, here Not so much for the deer or the brooks that run through the park, but for Wollaton Park Hall which will make for a wonderful Wayne Manor Where the Batmobile will pop out[...]