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But What About Sabrina? The Riverdale Panel At Wizard World Philly 2017

Riverdale Panel Wizard World Philadelphia 2017Despite a slight delay, the rather packed Riverdale panel at this weekend's Wizard World Philadelphia proved to be a lot of fun and a chance for many fans to interact for the first time with their favorite actors. A quick glance across the crowd could tell you that this show is a hit with younger audiences. The majority of the audience was made up of young women ages 12-15, but there was a healthy dose of other demographics as well. This was largely due to the show being so accessible. Between streaming on the CW or Netflix, almost anyone can get Riverdale at any time. Cole Sprouse commented that to him, the show was made for outlets such as Netflix. That it was a good social media show, and seeing as how all of the cast is active on Twitter when Riverdale is on, I am inclined to agree. Riverdale owes a lot of its success to social media, which is what helped create a buzz around the show. Lili Reinhart has enjoyed using social media to connect with her audience, as she feels it's important to show that they're human as well, and both KJ Apa and Camila Mendes agreed, and added that your social media presence should still represent you, but you don't need to share every little thing.

Of course the burning question was, will Sabrina show up? KJ would like to see her, but none of them are sure as to what's going to happen next. Both Lili and Camila noted that Archie has an exceptionally wide range of characters, and there are already so many, that it wouldn't be fair to anyone sine most of the background characters (such as Ethel, Dilton, and Moose) get very little screen time, and thus no room to grow. Unfortunately though, an ensemble cast of characters is the norm in Archie. But other minor characters, such as Kevin, FP, and even Hiram will all have major roles in season 2.Riverdale Panel Wizard World Philadelphia 2017

Speaking of season 2, it will be darker. Since Hiram will be making his physical on screen debut, Camila hinted to some tension between Veronica and Hiram, and Hiram will even be in competition with Archie. This is very typical Archie, so hopefully other long time Archie fans will enjoy it. Lili enjoyed playing Dark Betty, and hopes to see more of her in season 2. KJ doesn't think Archie has a dark side, but truthfully we never explored that side of him in season 1. Cole remarked that darkness makes sense to Jughead due to his troubled past. Camila knows Veronica had a shady past, but she's trying hard to change that.

As far as ships go, the cast doesn't have any since they don't want fans to think they're playing sides. They also don't want to spark any fights, which have been "obscene" on social media. However, Cole remarked that maybe Pop Tate needs a love interest. After all, he's been through some shit after the season finale in season 1. We didn't learn much else about what's to come, but I can tell you one thing for sure–everyone is excited for season 2!

Riverdale Panel Wizard World Philadelphia 2017

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