All Fanboys Must Become Fanmen: A Story Of Cosplay And Growing Up

By Will Romine

Hello Friends!

It's been a while since I've posted on the ol' BeeCee, but absence only makes the heart grow stronger.  You'll be reading a lot from me as we gear up for San Diego Comic Con.  I'll be breaking news, or at least ruining its resale value.

Now pals o' mine, the reason I've been a bit of a stranger on Bleeding Cool is because my big boy job has kept me a little busier than usual.  In fact, the long hours have taught me a thing or two about being an adult.

Case and point.  For years, my mom outfitted me in some of the finest cosplayery this side of the Hall H line.   See below.

Image2 image1


My affinity for cosplay has gotten me more than a few stares of derision.  These naysayers tell me to grow up.  You know what?  They're right!  I wear a tie to the office, I own shoes that require shining, it's only right that I step into adulthood with grace and composure.  To that end, my mom has retired from the cosplay business.  You had a good run Mom, but it's time for your little boy to put aside childish things.

As a man, earning a salary, I now hire a cosplay tailor to make my costumes.   His name is Tailor Johnny. Everybody say "HI TAILOR JOHNNY!"

image4Tailor Johnny, in addition to being punctual and well-mannered, is a genius with a needle and thread.   He's like a human 3d printer.  You give him a picture of any character and he will render you a costume in no time flat.  In the past, he's made me a Col. Sanders costume and perfectly replicated Sean Connery's tux from Goldfinger.

image5 image6

And now, the piece of resistance, my costume for this year's SDCC.  Please save your applause for the end of the article.


A personal cosplay tailor is a wonderful addition to any fanboy or girl's support staff.  Money well spent!

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