Do You Want A Homeland Comic… Or A Lunchbox?

HomelandTwentieth Century Fox have also been registering their trademark for the TV show Homeland on a whole host of other properties – including comic books.

And the rest,

Stationery; calendars; stickers; bookmarks; greeting cards; posters; postcards; pens and pencils; temporary tattoos; blank journals; notebooks; address books; date books; photographs; photo albums; paper folders; paper doorknob hangers; table cloths made of paper, paper napkins and party favors made of paper; lunch bags made of paper; lunch bags made of textile; wrapping paper; paper gift bags; comic books; trading cards; game books, namely, party game books, game books featuring paper games, activity game books; series of fiction books; cardboard stand-up cutouts featuring photographs or artwork; art prints.

Strangely however no kitchen sink.

Look forward to seeing trademarked paper doorknob hangers in hotel rooms across San Diego Comic Con, I guess.


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