Does Donny Cates Have Another Big Announcement For NYCC 2019 – With Geoff Shaw?

As the days and hours tick away toward New York Comic Con, and Jude begins his 24/7 vigilance to watch all news coming from NYCC about Donny Cates for the Catesbronies, there is anticipation that Donny Cates will have a big announcement at NYCC.  Most rumors point to Donny Cates taking over Thor now that Jason Aaron is ending his epic run, but what if Donny Cates has a different big announcement for NYCC … with his God Country / Thanos buddy Geoff Shaw?

Speaking with Bleeding Cool back at ACE Comic Con in Seattle, Geoff Shaw was hard at work on his next big collaboration with Donny Cates, since their initial outing with Buzzkill at Dark Horse, followed by God Country at Image, and then Thanos, Cosmic Ghost Rider, and Guardians of the Galaxy at Marvel. Set to be another creator owned outing published by Image, Geoff described it as "bonkers", "high concept", and this time not just a limited series but "planned for an ongoing" title from Donny and Geoff.  Not ready to be announced at SDCC, Geoff said NYCC this year seemed the most likely and perfect symmetry since God Country was announced at NYCC in 2016, though no one noticed it seemed.

A follow up by Donny and Geoff after God Country was a runaway success at Image is coming, the question is when and if Donny and Geoff plan to announce all the details in a few days at NYCC?  Guess we'll all find out very soon.

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