Epic Games says Unreal Tournament isn't being Actively Developed

Epic Games announced that there is currently no active production on arena shooter Unreal Tournament.

unreal tournament

Unreal Tournament has been flying under the radar of Epic Games' production for a while. The arena shooter was based off that classic multiplayer game of yore. It was in an early access state, still in a pre-alpha phase but it had added several maps since its launch in 2015. However, the spectre of Fortnite has seemingly loomed too large over the game.

Unreal Tournament has ceased production so Epic Games can focus on Fortnite. The game's been on hold so the developer could focus on its megahit for a few months, but it doesn't look like it is going to see any work going forward. Speaking to Variety, Epic Games' Tim Sweeney has now said the project isn't in development. While the game will remain online in its current state, Sweeney said:

'Unreal Tournament' remains available in the store but isn't actively developed.

This is sad to hear of course, but not entirely surprising. Fortnite is an all-encompassing success to the degree it makes sense for the whole Epic team to focus solely on that title. For older gamers who like arena shooters and the Unreal Tournament feel though, they might be understandably upset that Epic Games has moved onto such a singular focus. A similar fate befell MOBA Paragon too in the past year, so it's clear where Epic is currently headed. Of course, it is also about to try and challenge Steam's supremacy as the PC marketplace, which will be no small feat, so having all hands on deck across that and Fortnite might well be important.