My Nerdy Home: Star Wars Wax Melts, Geeky Candles, And More From Critical Smells

So, I generally like candles. And wax melts. And anything that makes my room smell better. While at a con recently, I came across a table in the dealers' room for Critical Smells, which offers geeky candles and wax melts inspired by Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, and more!

I happen to enjoy D&D, so why not? The selection was pretty good for a recent startup, and prices aren't awful. I got a set of Barx wax melts for $5, which smell like "passionate champagne and strawberries, exotic patchouli, and calming teakwood." I personally enjoyed the scent, but my boyfriend was less than thrilled by it. They also had Star Trek and Star Wars wax melts, so I opted for the Han Solo wax melt in Warlock, a mixture of "rich dragon's blood, heady patchouli, and intoxicating magic potion."

The wax melts pretty quickly and evenly, and filled the kitchen up near-immediately with the smell of champagne. I, for one, will never say no to anything champagne-related.

Overall I enjoy this product a great deal. Price-wise, they're not expensive. Wax melts go for $5 per pack, while large candles are $22. Everything is made by hand, and the items are well crafted. If you're looking for something to enhance your next D&D campaign, I highly suggest picking up a few of these candles.

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