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UFC/D&D Show Champions Of The Realm To Debut In January
Noura Ibrahim | Champions of the Realm | PVP D&D (https://youtu.be/mP_32PxV2Oo) Wizards of the Coast has partnered up with RealmSmith and Lost Odyssey for a special Dungeons & Dragons streaming event called Champions Of The Realm This is a special seven-episode series that will be airing on the official Dungeons & Dragons YouTube channel every[...]
Neverwinter Announces New Expansion With Dragonbone Vale
Perfect World Entertainment has announced a new expansion for the D&D MMPROG title Neverwinter with the reveal of Dragonbone Vale This particular expansion will be taking your adventure back to the Sword Coast as players will drop into the Valindra Shadowmantle and deal with the Cult Of The Dragon, who are hard at work trying[...]
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All set to Fifth Edition D&D rules with updated notes and material to fit in with the content from the second and third campaign, the latter of which is currently being played As of the time we're writing this, there's no price point set for the book, but we're guessing it will be around $50[...]
Power Rangers, Magic: The Gathering, D&D Series Projects Updated
The move was just one of many eOne is making to expand the brand of IP properties like D&D, "Power Rangers," the Brandon Routh-starring animated "Magic: The Gathering" series, and more Now, eOne's President of Global Television Michael Lombardo is offering a number of updates on the projects they have in various stages of development[...]
Ghosts Season 1 E08 "D&D": Sam Helps Create Ghostly Campaign for Jay
Someone who isn't? Jay (Ambudkar), who's not dealing with being kicked out of a "D&D" (the episode's title) from his city friends so Sam (McIver) enlists the ghosts for a special campaign of their own Meanwhile, Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) deals with his feelings and the secret he's been keeping. Photo: Best Possible Screen Grab/CBS ©2021[...]
I'll See You When I C-You: A Goodbye To Acq. Inc. The C-Team
Tonight, D&D livestream viewers will be saying goodbye to Acquisitions Incorporated: The C-Team as the finale airs on Twitch A spinoff from the main series, the past few years have followed a group of four players who represent a branch of the adventuring company started by Omin Dran (played by Jerry Holkins) Those four players[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Is Launching Its First TV Show On G4
The show comes off the successful partnership between the two companies during D&D Live this year, in which they broadcast several shows featuring celebrity guests playing D&D The show will be called Dungeons & Dragons Presents: Invitation To Party and it will premiere on Monday, November 22nd at 6:30pm PT on the G4 channel. Credit: Wizards of[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Reveals The Wild Beyond The Witchlight
So please forgive our lateness on this review as we do our best to tell you what you might enjoy or dislike coming out of this new adventure title. Credit: Wizards of the Coast The primary focus of this book is to hurl you and your party deep into one of the most wondrous, spectacular, mysterious, and[...]
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This week, Wizards of the Coast will be releasing their latest D&D book as players will have a chance to check out Fizban's Treasury Of Dragons Before the book comes out this week, we had a chance to chat with one of WotC's game designers, James Wyatt, about his contributions to the book and talking[...]