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Dungeons & Dragons Releases New Starter Set At Target
The set is called Dragons of Stormwreck Isle and comes with everything you need to run a first-time campaign for players who have never tackled a D&D game before This isn't the first Starter Set the company has made for 5E, but it definitely has one of the more interesting adventures as you are encountering[...]
Dungeons & Dragons Reveals More On Spelljammer: Adventures In Space
Originally announced a few months ago during D&D Direct, this will be WotC's first official venture into the famous edition of the game that hasn't had a proper expansion since the early '90s The company will be releasing three books together as a set, not as individual pieces, as you can see here[...]
Auto Draft
The old-school hack-and-slash action RPG game based on D&D's Forgotten Realms was originally released back in 2004 Eighteen years later, we will be getting a complete 4K remaster of the original with updated visuals, better audio tracks, cleaned-up mechanics, and more No release date was attached to it yet, but you can currently wishlist it[...]
Neverwinter Sets Release Date For Dragonslayer Content
Enjoy the trailer as this is now live. Promo art for Neverwinter: Dragonslayer, courtesy of Gearbox Publishing. Dragonslayer Campaign – Become a dragonslayer as you join Smerdiuk Dragonbane's crew to hunt corrupted dragons threatening the Sword Coast. Dragon Hunt System – Adventurers can make progress in the new campaign by taking on dragon slaying adventures with the new Dragon Hunt[...]
Dragon Age: Absolution Animated Series Coming to Netflix in December
Bioware likes to link its media to the main game. The tone of Dragon Age was always intended to be a combination of D&D and George R.R Martin's Game of Thrones, aka characters you like turn out to be morally compromised and might die tragically but heroically Here's hoping the series will feature all the things[...]
Magic: The Gathering: Commander Legends 2: Baldur's Gate Previews!
However, because this is Commander Legends 2: Battle for Baldur's Gate and features a plethora of D&D crossover goodies, we figure we ought to extend our olive branch to those roleplayers in our midst In any event, Wizards of the Coast has finally kicked off the preview season for two major aspects of Magic at once[...]
Neverwinter Sets Release Date For Dragonslayer Content
The content was revealed during D&D Direct but they didn't expand too much on it at the time This is an entirely new module that will explore some really awesome aspects of D&D as you will become one of Smerdiuk Dragonbane's mighty dragonslayers This, of course, means you will be traveling the lands as you[...]
Review - Dungeons & Dragons: Acquisitions Incorporated Sourcebook
As part of Wizard's Of The Coast's acquisition of D&D Beyond, the team is giving all users two free Dungeons & Dragons books online The first of the two books will be the official Acquisitions Incorporated sourcebook, based on the Penny Arcade D&D series, which was released back in 2019 (Because it was acquired, get[...]
D&D Beyond To Take Part In Jasper's Game Week Charity Event
D&D Beyond and Jasper's Game Day have come together for a special charity event week to raise money for suicide prevention The two have come together this year for a couple of things, the first you can see below as they are holding several streams, which you can take part in to help donate to[...]
D&D Beyond To Retire Two 5th Edition Books This Month
Now that Wizards Of The Coast are in control of D&D Beyond, it looks like they may be cleaning house a bit by retiring some books Today it was revealed that the team would be delisting Volo's Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes on the service, essentially retiring the book from circulation online[...]