Grant Morrison Writes The Savage Sword Of Jesus Christ

Grant Morrison, now the nominal editor-in-chief of Heavy Metal Magazine, has two new strips in December's issue, number 284.

The first, Mythopis, teams him with Kevin Eastman and Bill Sienkiewicz. While the second is simply called The Savage Sword Of Jesus Christ. The magazine will also have a (currently unseen) variant cover featuring said savage Messiah fighting Adolf Hitler.



Here are all the Heavy Metal solicits for December 2016…

(W/A) Various (CA) Luis Royo
Grant Morrison continues his reign as Editor-in-Chief by contributing two new tales to shock and outrage! The first is sci-fi epic Mythopia, written by Morrison with layouts by publisher, Kevin Eastman, and art by Bill Sienkienwicz. The second is a tale of sword, sorcery, and psychopaths in The Savage Sword of Jesus Christ! Also on deck is a new story by Eniki Bilal and the continuation of Salsa Invertebraxa by Mozchops and Zentropa by John Mahoney. The cover is a wraparound cover of Heavy Metal's iconic warrior queen Taarna by Luis Royo. Cover B is a painted cover of Adolf Hitler facing off against a sword weilding take on the Christ by famed painter Ken Kelley (Kiss Destroyer and Love Gun album covers). Cover C… well, that's the best surprise of all! (STL026205) (C: 0-1-0)
TAARNA BY ROYO COVER—Magazine, SC, 144pgs, FC $8.95
HITLER VS. JESUS COVER—Magazine, SC, 144pgs, FC $8.95
COVER C—Magazine, SC, 144pgs, FC $8.95

stl026202 stl026203


(W/A/CA) Kevin Molen, Matt Molen
The Governor of Lind returns to her constituency after a long weekend of conservation work. She's got the hunting trophies to prove it! After an encounter with a dangerous dissenter (and his little dog, too!), an epiphany reverberates through her mind like a gunshot on the open savanna: "The Big Clean" is born. (STL026202)
COVER A—32pgs, FC $3.50
COVER B—32pgs, FC $3.50


(W) Scott Duvall (A) Ralf Singh (CA) Darick Robertson, Diego Rodriguez
In the near distant future, genius scientist Ben creates the ultimate drug which unlocks the key to time travel. Using his invention to go back in time, Ben attempts to uncover the truth behind his father's disappearance two decades ago. With little to go on and a handful of time bending drugs, a trip into the past unveils dark secrets and dangerous dealings. A manhunt ensues, as the most powerful drug lord of his time will do whatever it takes to get high on Ben's supply. Time is running out, and even worse, so is Ben's stash! (STL026215)
SC, 7×10, 106pgs, FC $9.99


(W) Michael Moreci (A) Keith Burns (CA) Tim Daniel
Nate McCoy has a problem — he can see and interact with past versions of himself. The people he reincarnated from. As a P.I., the help of Jameson, a Wild West lawman, and Alan, a 1960s-era hitman, is invaluable to bringing down the city's kingpin. But it makes his personal life a mess, as Nate can't be sure if this "power" of his makes him crazy or insane. From acclaimed comics writer Michael Moreci (Roche Limit, Suicide Squad) and artist Keith Burns (Ex-Con, Johnny Red) comes a crime noir story with humor, heart, and head wounds. Fans of Chew and Criminal will find plenty to love in ReincarNATE. (STL026221)
SC, 7×10, 128pgs, FC $12.99

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