If You Want To Meet The Creators Behind Watchmen, Miracleman, Fables, Deadpool, Batman, Daredevil And More, There's An Event At Baltimore Comic-Con For That


Last year, Baltimore Comic-Con inaugurated a new mode of meeting all-star comics talent in a social atmosphere and rather swanky setting for attendees who purchased tickets to the event, the All-Star Reception. And they are bringing it back this year with another raft top talent to make the most of the fact that Baltimore Comic-Con, perhaps most of currently running cons, attracts comics creators of all stripes in large numbers to celebrate the medium. It's all comics all the time, and the All-Star Reception is no exception.


This year, the All-Star Reception, held on Friday, September 5th at 8PM on the top floor of the show hotel, overlooking Baltimore, and features guests Dave Gibbons, most of the art team from Miracleman including Alan Davis, Rick Veitch, John Totleben and Mark Buckingham. The Fables team of Bill Willingham and Mark will be at the event along with Barry Kitson. Reilly Brown, Greg Capullo, Frank Cho, Dean Haspiel, Brandon Peterson, Gail Simone, Walter and Louise Simonson, John K. Snyder III, Matt Wagner and Mark Waid are also special guests. The event promises food, drink, and socializing, and guarantees that no attendee will go away without speaking to the comics pros they are hoping to talk to, since the set-up for the event involves moving around the reception in small groups to make that possible.

Tickets are still available, though this is a limited ticketed event, at $199 per person.

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