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War Cry

Dean Haspiel's Red Hook Sequel, War Cry, Has a New Jumping-On Point

Dean Haspiel's War Cry, the free digital comic on LINE Webtoons, hits its 14th anniversary issue (why not?) tomorrow, a jumping-on point. It's the sequel to his previous LINE Webtoons series, The Red Hook, which I am told is going to print somewhere. Oh look, Image Expo is tomorrow. Anyway. Squirrel… So here's a sneak peek […]

Wizard World Orlando 2016 Dropped, Will Debut In August 2017

People planning to attend Wizard World Orlando Comic Con in August this year might have had a shock when they went to check the latest in guest appearances, parking, hotel dates and the like.  Just a few days ago, they were promising James Marsters, Carmen Carnero and Dean Haspiel. It was now happening in August […]

Dean Haspiel Has A Plan To Save The Fantastic Four

@CatsComicsCbus fantastic four — Tom Spurgeon (@comicsreporter) January 14, 2016 The confirmation of the news that the Fantastic Four was cancelled as a comic book came this week finally, alongside the closest you'd get a confirmation of the reasons why. But comic book creator Dean Haspiel, who worked on the Fantastic Four comic in recent […]

This Weekend In Brooklyn: Don't Miss 300 Artists At The Gowanus Open Studios Event

Gowanus, Brooklyn, is the home to a thriving art community, and there's a particular block of warehouse space where comic artists, in particular, have been making their living for some time. Included in that is my haunt, Hang Dai Studios, featuring Dean Haspiel, Gregory Benton, Christa Cassano, Joe Infurnari, Swifty Lang, Jonathan Allen, and more, […]

Brooklyn Reborn – Dean Haspiel Talks Red Hook And New Brooklyn

By Nikolai Fomich [New Brooklyn] The world is changing – and Brooklyn has had enough. Its heart broken by rapid technological changes and the ensuing shifts in social behavior, the sentient borough declares independence from New York State, becoming its own country. Among those most affected by these changes in the Borough of Churches are […]

NYCC '15: Is LINE Webtoon Really "The Future Of Comics?"

By Madeline Ricchiuto Panelists Dean Haspiel, Matt Hawkins, Tom Akel, Rob Feldman, Stephen McCraine, Michelle Phan gave previews of their comics and talked craft at the LINE Webtoons panel. LINE's Webtoon app updates its comics daily, and is optimized for mobile platforms without data restrictions, as you can download them over wifi and read them on […]

Dean Haspiel Reads Jack Kirby's OMAC: The Bleed Episode 48

The Bleed is a weekly podcast by Bleeding Cool contributor Joe Schmidt. The podcast consists of the latest news in comics, creator interviews, and a weekly book club discussion. It's another Hang Dai edition of the Bleed! Prolific cartoonist Dean Haspiel joins the podcast and we discuss his upcoming release, Beef with Tomato! The collection of loosely autobiographical short […]

A Look Inside The Fox #5 From Dark Circle Comics

Last week we gave you a glimpse at the covers and a two-page spread for Dark Circle's upcoming The Fox #5. Now that it is hitting shops this week, we've gotten a few more interior pages for the Mark Waid / Dean Haspiel issue that wraps up the Fox Hunt story arc. The FOX HUNT reaches its […]

A Freak Magnet Showdown: A Sneak Peek At Fox Hunt #5

The Fox returns in Fox Hunt #5 for this arc's final issue from Dark Circle at Archie, written by Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel, and drawn by Dean Haspiel with colors by Allen Passalaqua and letters by Rachel Deering. I was mighty impressed with the visual experimentation in Fox Hunt #4 and am looking forward […]

Impressive Art Experimentation For The Fox: Preview Fox Hunt #4 Out This Week

Right. Wow. Well, I've been reading Dean Haspiel's work for a few years now, and recently interviewed him for an upcoming issue of Bleeding Cool Magazine (#18) where he talks about his indie work and the evolution of his career in comics, but I've been convinced for awhile that what I see him doing in […]

The Art Of Peer Support – A Dean Haspiel Pin Up And Cover Gallery

With all the recent talk about how difficult it is to make a career in comics financially, one thing that's important to remember is the communal aspect, or what comics creator Dean Haspiel calls the "peer high five". He's been putting a list together of pin ups and covers he's done to support other creators' […]

The Hunt Continues In Dark Circle's The Fox #3

In stores this week from Dark Circle, the superhero imprint form Archie Comics, comes the third issue of the Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid on-going series The Fox. Fox Hunt, Part 3—The Devil You Know: Just as The Fox was through being a superhero, his son was putting the final touches on a gift for […]

SE: NYC '15: Love Gives You Lazer-Eyes And Fists Of Fury In 'Heart-Shaped Hole'

Whether you've read any previous Billy Dogma comics by Dean Haspiel or not, this primer in the epic love and explosive action released at MoCCA Fest 2015 will set the stage for what I would deem a new level of action in the semi-autobio character's life. Billy has been the "Last Romantic Anti-Hero" since 1995, […]

Fox Hunt Says 'We're Laughing With You' To Hero Comics

Fox Hunt #1 was released in April to great fanfare, and fans noticed that the comic, which carries on in a separate storyline from The Fox from Dark Circle/Archie Comics by Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel, had become a bit more densely crafted, intricate, maybe even a little "darker" in keeping with the new Dark […]