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The Batman/Fables Crossover that… er… someone must have asked for nears its conclusion with Batman vs Bigby: A Wolf in Gotham #5 Check out the preview below. BATMAN VS BIGBY A WOLF IN GOTHAM #5 (OF 6) DC Comics 1121DC047 1121DC048 – BATMAN VS BIGBY A WOLF IN GOTHAM #5 (OF 6) CVR B BRIAN LEVEL & JAY LEISTEN[...]
Telltale Games Reveals More Info On The Wolf Among Us 2
For years people have been clamoring for this game, based on the Vertigo Comics series Fables, as they explore stories with new and familiar characters in events that take place before Issue #1 The first game was such a success that a sequel was pretty much guaranteed until Telltale laid off most of its staff[...]
What did you click on, Steve?! What did you do?! Anyway, the show must go on, amirite? The Batman/Fables crossover continues in Batman vs Bigby A Wolf in Gotham #3, in stores on Tuesday from DC In typical crossover fashion, Batman and Bigby are fighting each other, but who's pulling the strings behind the scenes?[...]
Art Previw Of Batman Vs Bigby, The Fables Sequel
Ahead of the return of Fables by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham, in September, DC Comics is publishing Batman vs Bigby! A Wolf in Gotham which sees Fables' sleuth Bigby Wolf go head-to-head with the Batman in a six-issue spinoff miniseries from DC Black Label Written by Bill Willingham with pencils by Brian Level, inks[...]
Bill Willingham Fables Returns With #151 - But First, Batman vs. Bigby
DC Comics has announced the return of the popular DC Vertigo series Fables with Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham as a DC Black Label beginning with Fables #151 as well as a six-issue mini-series Batman vs Bigby! A Wolf in Gotham by Bill Willingham with pencils by Brian Level, inks by Jay Leisten, and colours[...]
Help Craig Hamilton Of Aquaman, Fables, Spectre Pay His Medical Bills
Comic book and fantasy writer Nancy A Collins has made an appeal on behalf of her creative partner and close friend Craig Hamilton of Aquaman, Fables and Spectre. Credit: Craig Hamilton, DC She wrote last month; While walking home late Friday night (12/11) after watching a friend perform at an open-air event,  Craig misjudged the height of a[...]
"The Wolf Among Us 2" Is Being Created From Scratch
Considering how much material the devs have to work with from Vertigo Comics' amazing Fables series, and the talent behind the game, there are a number of different directions they could go While we may not know everything happening with the game right now, all the news coming from it just gets better. It looks[...]
"The Wolf Among Us 2" Revealed Again At The Game Awards
"Developing The Wolf Among Us was my first project at Telltale and the start of a creative partnership with Nick and Dennis, so obviously we're excited to further explore the Fables universe." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MtQCvRFIWMVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Wolf Among Us 2 – The Game Awards Teaser Trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MtQCvRFIWM) [...]
The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Has Been Delayed to 2019
Sad news for Fables fans today, as Telltale Games revealed that the second season of its critically acclaimed series The Wolf Among Us will be delayed and pushed back to 2019 The company posted a small blog entry letting fans know the details Here's a snippet from the post. credit//Telltale Games This delay comes as the result[...]
Could We Finally Be Getting A Sequel To 'Fables' The Wolf Among Us?
If you've forgotten about The Wolf Among Us, shame on you! The Telltale Games title based on the Vertigo Comics series Fables was one of the most acclaimed hits for the company and turned a lot of gamers onto the series who didn't even realize this awesome comic book series existed And for those of[...]
Today's Essential C2E2 Panel, DC Essential, Was Basically, Y'Know, Essential
Comics it was Battle for the Cow. Then Orlando said something along the lines of "I can't believe it's not the Justice League is his top funny comic." The Benson Sisters went for Birds of Prey (and that they really dig Gail Simone's work). Then Lucifer, Preacher, izombie all got somewhat combined as they all talked about them more[...]