'Having The Spotlight Is Definitely A New Experience' – Robbi Rogriguez Talks The Rise Of Spider-Gwen At NYCC

By Brian Goldberg

Robbi Rodriguez took the time to answer some questions for me and his fans about his experience at NYCC 2014.  His work on Edge of Spider-Verse #2 with writer Jason Latour has become one of the big key books released in 2014.  He has a very unique sense of style and design that comes out in his art and his prints.  Here is a little bit about his time at NYCC, his down to earth view of his career, and his creative process.


Brian Goldberg: How does it feel that a character you designed is such a hit with fans? I saw a few Spider-Gwen cosplayers walking around the show floor. That is art appreciation at its finest.

Robbi Rodriguez: I've said this in many other places, but it is wild to see first hand. I've seen a few online before but seeing it in the crowd with my own eyes is a totally new experience. I'm sure they appreciated the hoodie during that bit of rain we had over the weekend.

BG: How many prints did you sell? I saw many fans walking around with your Spider-Gwen print. Myself included. How did it feel to be an Artist Alley hit?

RR: I sold out of the 100 I did for the show by Sunday morning. Having the spotlight is definitely a new experience. I'm so used to being about to go walk around, grab food or grab a cigarette during a dead period, but there was never a one. As much as I don't really like the attention, I'll just enjoy for the moment 'cause it will go back to normal soon enough.


BG: Your graphic design work is unique and definitely makes its mark. Will there be more con exclusive items in the future?

RR: That's a wait and see. I go show by show and whenever I do, I evaluate what I sell in that market. I have a few ideas, but will see if I execute them since I'm cutting down from 4-5 a year to just 3.

BG: What will your next published work be? What would be your dream assignment?

RR: It's just going to be Spider-Gwen for the time being. As far as what my dream assignment would be, I've never really had one. I like doing my own thing in both my work and my life. So after all of this is done, I look forward to going back to indies and self publishing areas again.

BG: How was your overall NYCC experience?

RR: Its a new high for me and one I won't forget anytime soon. If I decide to just quit tomorrow, it would be the best height to to leave on.

BG: What was your favorite moment of NYCC?

RR: Of NYCC? Seeing a Spider-Gwen trying to hail a cab.

Spider-Gwen will be released by Marvel Comics in 2015.  If you are interested in more about Robbi's art please visit his artist page at http://robbi462.deviantart.com/.

If you would like to speak Geek with Brian, please email him at your.dog@gmail.com.

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