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Jim Lee, Tech Support For DC Universe Online

Jim Lee, Tech Support For DC Universe Online

If you're wondering if you have to uninstall your DCU Online beta program before installing the new version – and exactly how to do that, or if you're wondering about subscriptions, or what the practical difference between PVP and PVE are, you could call Sony tech support.

Or you could just ask Jim Lee.

The_Joey: DCUO looks great. Will it ever come out for Xbox360?

Jim Lee: Nope–its a SONY game and they want to keep it that way

The_Joey: I understand. I was just surprised that it was avail for Windows and not the Xbox360. I guess I'll be buying a PS3 perhaps .

Jim Lee: To delete DCUO beta from PC–run DCUO installer. Choose reinstall. As it boots up, kill process. Rerun Installer, now uninstall #DCUO

Blogofoa: Should PS3 users delete the beta from their consoles?

Jim Lee: Yes

Matthewpetz: If #DCUO was available on a mac, I think i might actually care about video games.

Jim Lee: Run Bootcamp on mac then u can run @DCUO

SatelliteFeed: Quick question. With DCUO on two platforms, which had the easier controls for you? PC or PS3?

Jim Lee: I was fine with both

Blanemather: Will PS3 owners get to keep their Beta characters or do we have to start over?

Jim Lee: In beta, characters are always wiped

covey13: Which will you be playing in @DCUO? Heroes or villians?

Jim Lee: Both: Villain on PC and Hero PS3

AlexanderBevier: Will you announce what @DCUO servers you'll be playing on?

ItsMrLZ: will the servers have clever names? #dcuo

Jim Lee: All server names are based on DC Comics story arcs

trevoramueller: will players on pc be able to interact with ps3 players?

Jim Lee: No–no cross platform

iRobotZombie: Hey, do you know why no @DCUO Collector's Edition for UK? or is there something else in place to make us UK'ers pre-order?

Jim Lee: check the @DCUO facebook page and for updates

waltorr Please tell me Emerald Twilight is a PvP server.

Jim Lee: Only the Killing Joke has been revealed per Game Director Chris Cao so far but we have a lot of good arcs to pick from #dcuo

Tomm_JOnzz: On which Earth does @DCUO take place?

Jim Lee: Yours

rianjshoopman: @DCUO Will PC Lifetimes subs continue to be offered after launch day as well, or only before?

Jim Lee: At your choice I imagine

Carlwatkins: So be honest… the first expansion is going to unlock Green/Yellow Lanterns & be called Sinestro Corp Wars right? ;)

Jim Lee: The DCU is vast and deep

xCHRISPINKARDx: Will I be able to play off line as well? You know, for practice. (PS3)

Jim Lee: Its an online game. There's no pause button

xCHRISPINKARDx: Will PS3 users have to buy monthly/lifetime subscriptions? Or is that just PC?

Jim Lee: Both, most MMOs are P2P

Jim Lee: If yer having trouble generating names for #dcuo try this

xCHRISPINKARDx: Will PS3 users have to buy monthly/lifetime subscriptions? Or is that just PC?

Jim Lee: Both, most MMOs are P2P

lancesells: I heard the cut scenes are amazing! Really looking forward to them. :0

Jim Lee: Yeah Motherland and Powerhouse were amazing :)

jlr_1969: But wouldn't that make it easier for hackers to invade them if they know that?…I'm just saying.

Jim Lee: Not sure what you mean. It's the naming convention to differentiate the servers

BlurUpdates: Is it true I'm gonna have to pay $15 per month for it?

Jim Lee: Yes, per most MMOs, it is Pay to Play (P2P)

xgideonx: Congrats, dude! The character models in DCUO look spectacular. And I'm REALLY enjoying ICONS. So much more than a picture book :)

Jim Lee: Thats not bad haha

eridge78: Can I save my beta character on the PC version?

Jim Lee: Nope

Paradiso71: Any word on life time subs for PS3 owners?

Jim Lee: No, sir, as I do not have any word on that kind of thing. Not my decisions to make

DreadedMisfit: cool site for names. Thx and DCUO is pretty awesome.

Jim Lee: thanks :) @DCUO down in Austin did an AMAZIN JOB

BlurUpdates: Is it worth $15 per month?

Jim Lee: of course–the first month is free too. But don't take my word for it, you can make your own choice then

D3wizl: is that across the board; or different depending on your jursidiction (ie i live in Aus is it $15A or the equivalent of $15US?)

Jim Lee: Not in my wheelhouse of decision making. Keep checkin and their Facebook pg for new news and updates

marcdonaldkelly: My inner geek is terrified by how much time I could waste on a new MMO video game featuring super heroes. My wife would divorce me.

Jim Lee: Great thing about #dcuo is that you can play very casually and really enjoy it. I played 1-2 hours a day and loved it

CactusJoker: How much is the subscription fee on the PS3 edition of the game?

Jim Lee: $15 clams

catzStudio: will batman robin all star ever be finished?

Jim Lee: Yes, of course

Conway_Tweety: It`s P2P even on PS3?

Jim Lee: Yes most MMOs are P2P

Pr1meX: PS3 and PVP… Question: You can create more than 1 hero or Villain Correct?

Jim Lee: yes

razo316: what is the difference from pvp to pve.

Jim Lee: pvp allows other players to attack you, pve (player vs environment) is all about player vs npcs

razo316: If I do pvp can I still play the environment?

Jim Lee: yes

JohnCupoli: Never played a MMORPG before. What's the difference between PVP and PVE?

Jim Lee: player vs environment vs player vs player–id recommend pve if it's yer time on mmos

razo316: will you Geoff Johns, or anyone else from dc comics be playing #dcuo once it's out?

Jim Lee: yep

Jim Lee: PVE is Player vs Environment yer playin vs the machine & can get help from other plyrs PVP is Player vs Player & others can help or attack u

JohnCupoli: Got ya. Probably PVE until I get the hang of it. Can I move my character to PVP once I get accustomed?

Jim Lee: there's some pvping through arena battles and such on pve so yer covered…nice intro to it all

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