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PNY Reveals New XLR8 Gaming REV Series DDR4
PNY revealed a brand new piece of PC tech today with the XLR8 Gaming REV Series DDR4 overclocked desktop memory This is a brand new series that they're currently selling in frequency speeds of 3,200Mhz and 3,600Mhz, designed to bring aggressive overclocking and top-tier chips (including Micron, Samsung, and SK Hynix) to provide better performance[...]
Rare Super Mario Bros. 3 Demo For PC Uncovered At Museum Of Play
3 for PC Attributed to Nintendo in collaboration with ID Software. According to Rochester City News: A cataloguer at The Strong National Museum of Play recently discovered a PC demo featuring the Italian plumber and his brother that never came to fruition The demo was donated to The Strong, which is known for its extensive preserved collection[...]
Crossroads Inn Board Game To Be Published By Klabater, Out Q4 2022
Q1 and Q2 of 2022 will be devoted to manufacturing the game for a release in Q3 of that year! Are you excited for this new Crossroads Inn adaptation by Klabater? Have you played the original game on the PC, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X platforms? How did they play out? Let us know what you[...]
CORSAIR Unveils Their New CORSAIR ONE a200 & i200 Gaming PCs
This week, CORSAIR revealed two new Gaming PC models for you to check out with the CORSAIR ONE a200 & i200 Both of these PC models were designed to specifically cater to gamers who are constantly playing online and need faster speeds both in the processing and in the display So both of these setups[...]
CLX Debuts 11th Gen Intel Core Processors For Their Custom PC's
CLX announced today that they have now started incorporating 11th Gen Intel Core Processors in all of their custom PC builds The processors specifically are available now in their Ra, Scarab, Horus, and Set gaming PC configurations, which gives those who are looking to build a PC at different price ranges a few different options[...]
Tencent Games Announces New Post-Apocalyptic Game Called Undawn
Tencent Games revealed they have a brand new IP on the way for both PC and Mobile, as they're planning to released Undawn The game will be set in a dangerous and unforgiving world somewhere in the future, as you and a squad will have to fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic fight against the[...]
CORSAIR Reveals Multiple Products Including Vengeance i7200 PC
This past week, CORSAIR decided to reveal multiple new products in a few different lines, including the new Vengeance i7200 Gaming PC Along with the new PC tower, the company has released the SP RGB ELITE Fan Series and the K65 RGB MINI 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard We got the rundown of all three items[...]
Manga Creator Junji Ito Never Got to Start Work on Canceled Silent Hills Game
By all accounts, the game looks to be a new horror title that will be released sometime in 2023 for PC What's more, the game sounds like it will appeal to fans of his previous work, so while it may not be a Silent Hill game, fans may see more than a few tropes of[...]
Gal Gun Returns is Headed to Xbox One, Switch, and PC
Inti Creates' popular Gal Gun series is coming to current-gen consoles with the upcoming release of Gal Gun Returns It's headed to Xbox One, Switch, and PC by way of 2021 thanks to publisher PQube Both the Xbox One and PC versions will be available digitally only, but the Switch version will get both a[...]
Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2 Could Get PC Re-Releases
Some of the Metal Gear series could be getting re-releases on PC if rumors are true According to rumors brought on by a set of Taiwanese ratings, Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance could be coming to PC in the near future, though there are scant details beyond the idea[...]
First-Person Sci-Fi Adventure The Invincible Coming To Next-Gen and PC
Set for both next-gen consoles and PC in 2021, it's based on a Stanislaw Lem novel and is set in a strange, retro-futuristic world It also features some pretty striking artwork. An advancing spaceship isn't too pleased with this interloper in The Invincible Courtesy of Starward Industries. The Invincible puts players in the shoes of a space[...]
Pop'n Music Lively Brings Colorful Rhythm Gaming To PC
Popular rhythm gaming series Pop'n Music is making a comeback on PC Konami has announced Pop'n Music Lively for PC, which is currently available for players as part of a limited-time beta Pop'n Music Lively is the newest addition to the long-running series, but rather than waiting to announce a release date, it was immediately[...]
Nacon Teams Up With Richard Garfield On Roguebook Deckbuilder Game
Indie developer Abrakam, alongside publisher NACON, have teamed up with legendary game designer Richard Garfield to bring Roguebook, a roguelike deckbuilder game, to the PC via Steam. Roguebook is set to release some time in May of 2021. A screenshot from the roguelike deckbuilding indie game Roguebook, by Abrakam and Nacon This screenshot depicts an overworld map of[...]
Indie Party Crasher Simulator Game Announced For PC And Switch
Indie game developer and publisher Glob Games Studio have announced their plans to launch their upcoming game, Party Crasher Simulator, on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and, according to their announcement, "most likely, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X[…]". Party Crasher Simulator is slated for a release on July 1st of 2021. Key art for[...]
Rock Game's Indie Cowboy Life Simulator Launches Trailer
This may explain indie developer Rock Game and publisher Playway's choice in creating Cowboy Life Simulator, a simulation game set in the Wild West. Cowboy Life Simulator will be released on PC via Steam, with no announced release date as of yet. A screenshot from Cowboy Life Simulator by indie developer Rock Game and publisher Playway[...]
Indie Game Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion On Steam In 2021
Prepare to commit tax evasion (in a video game, of course)! Indie developer Snoozy Kazooo has teamed up with Graffiti Games to bring Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion to the PC via Steam It will launch officially in 2021. The key art for criminally-cute indie game Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, developed by Snoozy Kazooo and Graffiti[...]
Trippy Indie Platformer Spinch Launches September For PC, Switch
Indie developer Queen Bee Games and publisher Akupara Games' kaleidoscopic platformer Spinch will be launching in September! The visually-trippy game will be launching for Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam, on September 3rd of this year. Key art for the trippy indie platformer Spinch, developed by Queen Bee Games and published by Akupara Games. Spinch, a side-scroller[...]
New World MMORPG PC Game's Closed Beta Begins July 23rd, 2020
Amazon Game Studios, during the 2020 PC Gaming Show, announced the closed beta for New World, an MMORPG set during the ending of the Age of Exploration Players who pre-order New World will secure immediate access to the closed beta when it launches on July 23rd of this year. A screenshot from New World, showing a guard[...]
Action-Adventure Indie Game Blue Fire Announced For Consoles
The game has been announced for release on Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles, as well as PC (via Steam), with a tentative launch of the first quarter of 2021. Key art for action-adventure indie game Blue Fire, created by Graffiti Games and Robi Studios. Originally announced to release for the Nintendo Switch, Blue Fire will be launching[...]
Rogue-Like Game Rogue Lords Previewed At 2020 PC Gaming Show
The 2020 PC Gaming Show is still well underway, with games being showcased left, right, and back again One of the games they just previewed is Rogue Lords, a roguelike turn-based strategy game published by Nacon and co-developed by Cyanide Studios and Leiklr Studios. Key art for roguelike strategy game Rogue Lords, published by Nacom and co-developed[...]
Valheim, A Viking Survival Game, Previewed In PC Gaming Show 2020
The 2020 PC Gaming Show's stream has begun, and many, many games are on the docket to be previewed today The first one on the roster we have seen is Valheim, an indie Viking survival game by Coffee Stain and Iron Gate Studios. A shot from the gameplay trailer for Valheim, a Viking survival game by[...]
Conservationist Indie Game We Are The Caretakers Announced
"We look forward to working with our audience to help craft the game based on feedback from the demo and the upcoming Early Access launch." Another screenshot from We Are The Caretakers by Heart-Shaped Games. We Are The Caretakers boasts an original world with distinct African influences, a blend of man-made and organic elements, and a soundtrack[...]
Indie Exploration Game Curious Expedition 2 To Launch On Steam
Thunderful Publishing, in conjunction with the Maschinen-Mensch indie game development studio, have announced the upcoming launch of Curious Expedition 2, the sequel to Curious Expedition It will launch on Steam Early Access on June 17th of this year for a price point of $16.99, and will remain on Early Access until later this Fall. The key art for[...]
Indie Puzzle-Platformer Eternal Hope Will Launch for PC Via Steam
Indie developer and publisher Doublehit Games has announced that their upcoming puzzle-platformer Eternal Hope will be coming out on August 6th of this year It will launch for Windows PC via Steam at that time and will release for the Xbox One sometime later in the year. Key art for Eternal Hope, an indie puzzle-platform game by[...]
Nongunz Doppelganger Edition To Launch For Consoles And PC Q3 2020
Indie game developer Brainwash Gang has announced that Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition will be relating to consoles and PC in the third quarter of this year! The "nihilistic" indie action-platformer will be coming out for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Key art for Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition, an indie action-platformer by developer Brainwash Gang[...]