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DC Universe Online Launches Episode 43: Dark Knights
Dimensional Ink announced they have released the latest episode for DC Universe Online as players can now enter Episode 43: Dark Knights The content heads into another version of Earth as this serves as a direct sequel to Episode 42: Legion Of Doom In case you forgot that story, everything was centered on a destroyed[...]
DC Universe Online Celebrates Its 11th Anniversary
Dimensional Ink has revealed their plans to celebrate the 11th Anniversary of DC Universe Online, which includes a ton of gifts for free The free-to-play MMO based in the world of DC Comics is giving you a ton of items just by logging into the game as a bit of a thank you for their[...]
The Legion Of Doom Come To DC Universe Online In Latest Episode
Dimensional Ink has revealed a new addition coming to DC Universe Online as the next episode will feature the Legion Of Doom The content will be included in Episode 42 and will be named after the group of super-villains, as you'll see familiar faces team up in the form of Lex Luther, Gorilla Grog, Sinestro,[...]
DC Universe Online Celebrates Wonder Woman Day
As part of the celebration for Wonder Woman Day, Dimensional Ink has added some new content to DC Universe Online for everyone to snag This year celebrates the character's 80th anniversary, and with it we're seeing anything tied to DC Comics roll out the red carpet and celebrate her as best they can For DCOU,[...]
DC Universe Online Celebrates Batman Day With New Gear
Dimensional Ink revealed that they'll be celebrating Batman Day in DC Universe Online with a special set of Batman items you can claim Now you too can honor the caped crusader with some free items, and all you have to do is log in between September 16th-30th, 2021, to get a series of gifts you[...]
DC Universe Online Releases Episode 41: House Of Legends
Dimensional Ink Games has released the latest episode to DC Universe Online as players can now jump into Episode 41; House Of Legends The update brings in a few new changes and a slightly different storyline, along with some additions to the Watchtower and fun stuff to do We have the rundown and the latest[...]
DC Universe Online Set To Launch World Of Flashpoint Chapter
Dimensional Ink is finally haded to one of the biggest storylines in DC Comics for DC Universe Online with World Of Flashpoint The next chapter expansion to the game will follow the story of the Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne), along with Emperor Aquaman, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, and more characters who are fighting each other in[...]
DC Universe Online Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary
Dimensional Ink revealed plans today to celebrate the tenth anniversary of DC Universe Online with a ton of in-game events and items The devs are allowing players to pick up some awesome items and an extra $50 in their in-game account to get whatever they'd like in the store As a bonus, current members will[...]
DC Universe Online Launches A New Legion Storyline
Dimensional Ink Games have released a new episode into DC Universe Online this week as players can now experience The Legion This latest update brings about Episode 39, called "Long Live The Legion!" You will be joining forces with the future's bravest team, the founding members of The Legion of Super-Heroes, AKA The Legion This[...]
DC Universe Online Releases New Episode Focused On Wonder Woman
This morning, Dimensional Ink Games launched the latest episode of DC Universe Online with Episode 38: Wonderverse As the multiverse appears to be merging, you will be thrown into the role of a new council of Wonder Women who have to step in and take matters into their own hands as the gods rage war[...]
DC Universe Online Announces
As you might suspect with a new film on the way, DC Universe Online is getting in on the action with a new Wonder Woman episode Daybreak Games announced on the game's website that the next addition to the game will be Episode 38: Wonderverse, featuring more stories from the fractured universe as only the[...]
DC Universe Online Birds of Prey
Birds Of Prey fans will be happy to know that the next episode of DC Universe Online will see all four characters jump into the fray Dimensional Ink Games revealed today that starting on April 16th, players will be able to play as Harley Quinn, Black Canary, The Huntress, and Poison Ivy! What's more, the[...]
"DC Universe Online" Celebrates Its Ninth Anniversary
Nine years worth of DC Universe Online and the devs feel like celebrating with some special free stuff and a few other events for you Daybreak Games posted a message to the players about the anniversary, thanking them for the support and detailing what they have for you First, all Open Episodes are back All[...]
"DC Universe Online" Episode 36: Metal Part II Has Been Released
It's been a minute since we've seen a new episode for DC Universe Online, and now we know why, as Episode 36: Metal Part II looks wicked! This one will have you doing down the Dark Multiverse as you continue the tale of the Dark Knights We got the details for you here along with[...]
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