Lying In The Gutters – 28th February 2011

Lying In The Gutters – 28th February 2011

DeviantArt user walkonwater77 gives us a redesign of Squirrel Girl as if, well, as if she was designed by Whilce Portacio, basically.

Okay, so, busy busy week as traffic jumps up another notch. With an annual increase of 500% year on year, Bleeding Cool does seem to have a little bit of momentum at the momebt. Lets see what contributed to that this week…

Top Twenty Traffic Posts Of The Week

1. Les Femmes Fatales Cosplay Exhibition

2. Remembering Dwayne McDuffie

3. Prometheus Rumours Unbound

4. First Wave Crashes

5. Kevin Costner's Superman Role Revealed

6. Rooney Mary's Lisbeth Salander's Motorbike Rehearsal

7. Batporn

8. Tronporn

9. The New Art Style Of George Perez

10. They Call Him The Incredibro Hulk

11. Justiceporn

12. The Uncensored NSFW Pages From Butcher Baker

13. Nicolas Courtney Passes

14. Twenty-Five Years Of Zelda

15. Dogsporn

16. Where Did MMXI Come From Anyway?

17. Fantastic Four #1 Colourist Draws FF #1 Variant

18. Real Life Civil War In Seattle

19. Flashpoint Thursday

20. First Trailer For New Thundercats

Top Ten Things You May Have Missed

1. Dwayne McDuffie And The Parakeet

2. There's One Heck Of A Catch With The Red Riding Hood Novelization

3. San Diego Comic Con Hotel List

4. Patrick Lussier Tells Bleeding Cool About His New Vision Of Pinhead

5. Daily Show To Feature The Infidel – coming this week, apparently.

6. Disney Planning Horror For Kids With Henry Selick

7. First Three Panels Of Neonomicon

8. Disney Concept Art Exhibition Review

9. MCM Vs Kapow

10. David McKean To Direct Michael Sheen In New Movie

With thanks to Adi Tantimedh, Aaron and Tri-Force Mike, Joe Glass and Dennis O'Neil for their wonderful contributions too.

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