Did Marvel Rid Itself of Two Unfortunate East Asian Stereotypes in One Week? [SPOILERS]

Punisher and Hunt for Wolverine spoilers below…

Because this week, Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #4, rid itself of the Psylocke problem. A white British character Betsy Braddock, Psylocke, who almost 30 years ago saw her body switched to that of an East Asian ninja assassin with all the tropes and accusation of cultural appropriation that this brought in the years since.

And this week, switched back again.

Though the character still exists in her previous form as well — possibly the reviving/splitting of Kwannon to her original body?

While over in The Punisher #1, we have an appearance of The Mandarin from the '60s. A character who first appeared in Iron Man looking like this.

Though he has been reimagined over the years.

Still, Marvel writer Marjorie M Liu once wrote:

The Mandarin is pretty much a direct descendent of the Fu Manchu yellow peril caricature-at best Orientalist, at worst, racist. The diabolic Asiatic is a hoary Hollywood staple – one of many stereotypes that Asian Americana have long had to endure – whether it's the Fu Manchu, the Kung Fu master, the Dragon Lady, or the bucktooth nerd.

And today? The wielder of the rings may have met his match.

And he now appears to have been dispatched in a rather permanent fashion.

Was that the Punisher? It would be his style, even at the UN, to never compromise when it comes to war criminals, even as a leader of a nation finally (potentially) coming into the light (albeit with the help of Hydra). But we didn't actually see his finger on the trigger….

Of course this is Hydra. When one Mandarin falls, two shall take his place…

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