Marvel Outdone By Cereal Boxes As Post Announces Digital Comics Code Program

I love food and I love food even more when it has a comic character tied into it. I realize that at 31 years of age I shouldn't base my diet over what cartoon characters are on a box or a can…but I'm an adult and I do what I want.


According to Twitter user @JunkFoodDog, Canada will be getting these sweet Spider-Man Homecoming tie in promos with a select number of Post brand cereals. These tie in's will also offer a digital code to download a special edition two part story. If this special edition story doesn't revolve around Peter Parker running out of milk for his cereal, I will be pissed.

It's also worth noting that Marvel did change their digital download program this year, where instead of a consumer being able to download the comic they recently purchased, they're now offered a new story that would ultimately tie into something else. You can read more about that here.

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