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Rocking Spurs Graphic Novel Causes Canadian Racial Identity Uproar
Intended to investigate Indigenous identity in Canada, nearly 1,500 copies have been sent to schools across the country for educational purposes But the book has drawn outrage from Métis leadership and from Métis groups, who say the book undermines their history and represents an attack on their sovereignty. The Métis are an Indigenous people whose historical[...]
Kate Beaton's Ducks Was The Biggest Selling Canadian Book In 2023
According to new research released by BookNet Canada, an organization which compiles sales and other data about Canadian publishing, the biggest-selling book in 2023 from a Canadian-owned publisher was Kate Beaton's graphic memoir Ducks: Two Years In The Oil Sands, published by Drawn & Quarterly Named one of Barack Obama's favourite books of 2022,it also won Canada[...]
Tony Khan makes another huge announcement on AEW Dynamite.
Ah, and what a day to speak of the glorious revolution happening not in the jungles, but in the ring, as AEW announces its grand wrestling tour across the lands of Canada! Tony Khan makes another huge announcement on AEW Dynamite. In an unprecedented move that's as bold as one of my speeches to the adoring crowds,[...]
Marvel Comics
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The USA & Canada Ban All Mutants yesterday The USA & Canada Ban All Mutants In X-Men Comics Today (XSpoilers) New Evidence Emerges in Fight to Prove Wolverine Has Two D**ks Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau Discovers That DC Character White Rabbit Exists Spider-Boy's Powers Now Have A Very Comic[...]
Marvel Contest Of Champions To Hold Battlerealm Brawl In October
Players competing in the Gladiator's Circuit of Battlegrounds: Season 10 will compete to qualify for the Battlerealm Brawl, where the Top 8 qualifying players on the circuit's leaderboard will be selected and win a trip in October to the live event taking place in Vancouver, Canada These Top 8 qualifying players will compete in single-elimination[...]
Comic Shops
"Your Destination For All-New Comics in the Napa Valley Located just steps off of 1st Street in historic Downtown Napa, Zeppelin Comics features (soon) a wide selection of graphic novels, games, gifts, and over 200 current comic book series from large publishers and small presses alike." 3 Goblins has opened at 200-356 George St., Prince George, British[...]
$40,000 Of Comics & Cards Stolen From Canadian Comic Store
Wizard's Comics and Collectibles of Garneau, Edmonton, Canada was broken into yesterday morning, with thousands of comics and collectibles stolen, including many items that were held on consignment. CTV News reports that Dane McKay, Wizard's Comics and Collectibles owner told them that display cases in the store "were emptied by the thieves sometime between midnight and[...]
Canadian Comic Store Closure Blamed On Cannabis Legalisation
The legalisation of cannabis in Canada. Crosstown Traffic of Ottowa is closing The store opened in 1992 as a record and comic book store, after owner Mike Foster began selling his own collection at a flea market, which led to him setting up a comic book and record store, before turning into a "head shop" as well[...]
$80,000 Of Graded Comics Stolen From Canadian Comic Store
CaptCan Comics of Brantford, Ontario, in Canada, posted the sad news on social media earlier today that they had been the victims of a smash and grab They posted the news as well as what had been taken from their graded comics, in case anyone tries to sell you something like the following job lot. CaptCan[...]
Will Canadians (Politely) Consider Cutting Disney+ to Save Money?
You know where this is going, right…? In a move that could be seen as downright "impolite" (which we're told in Canada is the equivalent of being called the F-word and the C-word at the same time… times ten), Freeland suggested that folks "dam-up" the stream that leads to Disney+ Yikes. Image: South Park Screencap/Disney Channel[...]
Tony Khan Reveals Plans for AEW To Invade Canada
I think we can continue that, potentially, but on the other hand, there's a lot of places around the world where All Out would be a great show and we're going to continue exploring options here. In fact, Khan may consider leaving the country for the show, bringing it to… Canada?! I really want to get up[...]
Canadian Trucker Protest Impacts Comics Delivery To American Stores
It began as a convoy of truckers protesting against coronavirus mandates by their employers and government in Canada but has now turned into a blockade within the city of Ottawa and the USA/Canadian border crossing, which has come into Bleeding Cool's view as we have been informed that this is going to affect the delivery[...]
Bret Hart To Be Honored With A Placement On Canada's Walk Of Fame
 Aside from his numerous championships and being on most people's shortlists as "the greatest of all-time", he has also been inducted into the American Amateur National Wrestling Hall of Fame, the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame, The George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, the Prairie Wrestling Alliance Hall of Fame, the Professional Wrestling Hall[...]
Kim’s Convenience Abruptly Cancelled at 5th Season
The breakthrough show has been Canada's top sitcom for the last few years and became a global hit thanks to Netflix streaming it It has become especially popular in South Korea as a point of cultural pride. "Kim's Convenience", CBC, Netflix Netflix made the announcement today on their official Twitter feed: This was not originally going to be[...]
Kim’s Convenience Abruptly Cancelled at 5th Season
The 5th season is currently running in Canada on CBC and will premiere on Netflix in April after it completes its Canadian broadcast run Kim's Convenience had a 6th season greenlit and the actors expected to return for one final season that might finally move the characters' stories forward to a kind of ending. "Kim's Convenience",[...]
Peacemaker promo key art (Image: WarnerMedia)
Gunn went on to say that he hopes to find some time to put it to good use when he begins his mandatory two-week production quarantine in Canada for The Suicide Squad spinoff series- which he confirmed that he had just started. Peacemaker promo key art (Image: WarnerMedia) Here's a look at Gunn's posts from earlier today,[...]
Riverdale -- "Chapter Seventy-One: How To Get Away With Murder" -- Image Number: RVD414b_0176b.jpg -- Pictured: Lili Reinhart as Betty -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
All Rights Reserved) "I genuinely feel like a prisoner, going back to work, because I cannot leave Canada That doesn't feel good You can't go home for Thanksgiving, can't visit your family No one can come visit you unless they quarantine for two weeks It just feels f**ked." That also means no other projects until Riverdale[...]
Chris Butcher Quits Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Amid Criticism
It's even starting to lose its meaning. These words have a very different meaning to Black and Indigenous peoples, groups who are subject to greater precarity, particularly when intersecting with gender, class, and other forms of systemic discrimination. In the wake of recent events, including the widespread outpourings of solidarity against anti-black racism in North America, and[...]
Canada's Drag Race arrives this July, courtesy of Crave.
The dozen drag queens will hit CraveTV July 2 in a quintessentially Canadian competition show in Canada's Drag Race Brooke Lynn Hytes (Drag Race season 11 runner-up) will judge the competition series alongside actor Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman (UnREAL), and the uber-fashionable runway coach Stacey McKenzie The competition is sure to be fierce as it tests these[...]
It's Always Sunny in Atlanta: The Bleeding Cool Gang Fixes The Super Bowl
The media script for the day veers wildly off course." – Mark Seifert Universal "How can we make the Super Bowl better? By introducing a new kickoff tradition: the turf rolls back, all the players lace up skates, and it becomes a game of Canada's best gift to the world: Hockey! I'd like to see whichever Patriots player[...]
Death Stranding
If you believe the people at Best Buy in Canada, it sounds like Death Stranding will finally be released sometime in 2019 The news of this spread on Reddit over the weekend when someone took a photo of a brand new in-store promotion added to the game saying it was going to be released this year[...]