MoCCA Fest Previews: It Came From The Gowanus Canal And Invisible Wounds From So What? Press

Next weekend, on April 5th and 6th,  the increasingly gigantic indie comics beast known as MoCCA Fest descends on New York City, where indie comics artists from all over the world bring their wares, and new books to debut. If you haven't been before, it's inexpensive to attend and very welcoming, though fair warning: hard on the wallet because the reasonable prices on the indie comics will make you want to buy more, more, more!

As we've mentioned before on Bleeding Cool, the small publisher So What? Press, based in Brooklyn, has three new books debuting at MoCCA Fest. One we've previewed already, Tales of the Night Watchman: Staycation, and you can see that here, but here are the other two to check out and look for at So What? Press's booth, #B13.

Firstly, we have Tales of the Night Watchman Presents: It Came From the Gowanus Canal, written by Dave Kelly with artwork by Molly Ostertag (Strong Female Protagonist, Tales of the Night Watchman Presents: The Night Collector). At 40 pages, it's $5.00 in price.

Here's the synopsis:

Something evil is lurking below Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal and it's killing the locals. Serena thinks she's confirmed the existence of the legendary "Gowanus Golem", but after dragging the Night Watchman into it, their investigation turns up something unexpected – – and a lot more frightening.

And here's our preview:

GowanusCanal_cover GowanusCanal_p15 GowanusCanal_p16 GowanusCanal_p17 GowanusCanal_p18 GowanusCanal_p19

So What? Press's debut of Jess Ruliffson's Invisible Wounds will also be on hand at MoCCA Fest, and it's a comics format journalism account of working with wounded veterans and the tales they have to tell about their life experiences. At 16 pages, it's $4.00 in price.

So What? Press says:

Nonfiction cartoonist Jess Ruliffson documents the experiences of veterans wounded in combat. Invisible Wounds tells the story of one whose injuries aren't so easy to see and explores the trials, fears, and hope he finds in a country that is not always willing to take its heroes back.

And here's our preview:

InvisibleWounds_Cover_LoRes InvisibleWounds_p6_LoRes InvisibleWounds_p7_LoRes InvisibleWounds_p8_LoRes InvisibleWounds_p9_LoRes

See you at MoCCA Fest? It looks to be a bumper year for indie comics!


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