The Muslim Who Writer James A Bretney Attacked Doesn't Want Lucha Comics To Fire Him

rod8yqoeYesterday, Bleeding Cool ran a story about how American film writer, producer and director, and comic book writer James A Bretney has been tweeting messages of hate at American Muslims, how people had suddenly noticed and were calling on Lucha Comics to fire him – despite writing and editing most of their comic books.

Bretney's Twitter account has now been suspended as a result. He wrote on comicbooks Reddit, describing our original report as "Bleeding Cool Trolls Iraq War Veteran over Muslim Hate" only to find himself downvoted and comments saying,

marcohtx I'm pretty sure it isn't Bleeding Cool who is the troll in this situation. They are clearly reporting on a a comic book writer who is the actual troll in this situation, and cant keep his hate to himself.

Badalio Why do you refer to yourself in the third-person, OP? Do you not want people to realize that your username is the same as the Twitter handle that got suspended?

AhhBisto How are they trolling him? The guy seems like a massive wanker.

While Canadian comics publisher Lucha Comics is attempting to put the frog back in the box.

But the person Bretney initially attacked, Qasim Rashid, which started this chain of outrage has a different take. He doesn't want Bretney to be fired at all.

A statement will be forthcoming. But James has also posted to Bleeding Cool comments plugging his work, saying,

Hey Rich Johnson, I am that guy. More virtue signaling please. By the way, DC and Marvel sucks. Same goes for Disney. If you are really interested in reading real stories and not illuminati stamped crap, me and my family are right here

In the meantime, you can check out my work for free without Big Brother and the big gay mafia looking over your shoulder. Did I mention that Marvel and DC suck?

I want to remind our politically correct class, that every negative comment logged against me means that you are trolling a disabled veteran. We are a protected class too. Chew on that or can SJW snowflakes handle logic?



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