My Little Pony Prequel Review: An Engaging Villain Backstory

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On October 6th, My Little Pony: The Movie will hit theaters. This is the third time the Friendship is Magic crew is going to be on the big screen, but I'm not sure if this will tie into the other two films. The mane five are on a quest to save their home of Equestria, and IDW is filling fans in with this week's release of the My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel comic.

We open with a backstory for The Storm King, a malicious and cruel tyrant. He's on his way to invading Abyssinia, but as it would turn out, all he wants is their riches. The Storm King admits his disdain for actually ruling, as it's too much responsibility. This King sounds more like a pirate than anything. We also learn he has an aversion to friendship, so I have a sneaking feeling some group of ponies are going to change his mind about that.

My Little Pony Prequel Review: An Engaging Villain Backstory

Ted Anderson writes a kid-friendly, yet engaging story. Storm King is a layered character, and it shows even in the first issue. I am genuinely interested in his plight, and his mission on stealing jewels and other mystical objects. He's not entirely evil — he's more like a fantastic anti-hero.

The art in this book is also a winner. Andy Price's lines are smooth and refined, and each character and setting is clearly defined. Heather Breckel's colors are beautifully added, and really bring out each characters personality. This is a dynamic creative team, and I'm sincerely excited for the rest of the series.

This is great for kids and adults alike, but fair warning: you do not see the ponies in this issue, since it's building up to something bigger. Young readers may be put off by that, but it's worth their time to read this before seeing the new movie.

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