Neil Gaiman Elaborates On Behind The Scenes Details Of The New Sandman

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer have done a video interview with Wired, during which Gaiman discusses some of the background surrounding the new Sandman project. This tracks to a great extent with what Rich told us when he broke the news last week, and fills in a couple of gaps. A couple of excerpts from Gaiman:

It was a story in my head I called Sandman 0, and it was what happened just before Sandman 1 started. It was a whole storyline you never knew about. It happens in 1914, 1915.

And more:

I talked with DC Comics about doing it 7 years ago for the 20th anniversary of Sandman. And we batted it about a bit. But their business department at that point wasn't prepared to talk to me about doing Sandman on essentially any other terms than the ones when I signed my contract in 1987.

And the moment new people were running DC Comics, the first thing they did was come back to me and say 'Ok, Sandman's 25th anniversary, could we do that thing we were talking about for the 20th?'

And I said sure.

More in the vid:

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