Neil Gaiman To Write 'The Doctor's Wife' Novelisation?

On his blog, Neil Gaiman recently plugged the tenth anniversary edition of American Gods (with 20,000 extra words) and answered lots of Doctor Who questions

To one person who asked if any of the deleted scenes would be restored to any kind of published screenplay of the episode, Gaiman intrigued by saying;

I don't think that would be very practical,mostly because scenes replaced scenes. So the scene where they go and see the Beatles was replaced by the Planet of the Rain Gods, which was replaced by the "I've got Mail!" scene.

But if I do a novelisation I'll see how much of that stuff I can recover.

And later;

If I ever do a novelisation I'd love to write a few flashback scenes for the Corsair. I suspect that his Tardis looked like a small sailboat, wherever it could. And he laughed a lot.

In early drafts he was part of the Time Lords' Universal Survey Team ("Surveying the Universe?" "It's a big place. Someone has to keep track of it.").

And a response to finding out more about the cut Swiming Pool and Zero Room scenes;

(Bonus Answer, if ever one day I novelise or novella-ise the story, then I expect so.)

Three times. Almost like he's doing it on purpose.

If he does a novelisation. It wouldn't be the first time. He did it for his BBC show Neverwhere. But of late the Doctor Who line of books has shied away from adapting televised episodes – even though that's all they did for the first thirty-five years.

But who would say no to the opportunity to publish that particular book? Only question is, would it have the familiar Target logo?

Which seems to be missing from this reissue, with an introduction by Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman To Write 'The Doctor's Wife' Novelisation?

Look, he's got the contacts already…

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