Putting Alan Moore On The List – The Fades, Episode Two

Putting Alan Moore On The List – The Fades, Episode Two

Just a nice piece of dialogue from the party in the second episode of The Fades, the BBC3 drama about the encrouching war between the living and their ghosts.

Paul: Me and Mac discussed who our ideal girl was the other days. We decided Queen Amidala crossed with Marion Ravenwood, Princess Airwin, Ororo Monroe or Storm as she's commonly known, George Lucas

Jay: George Lucas?

Paul: Well the sex wouldn't be up to much but the pillow talk would be amazing. We also had Alan Moore on the list but we decided his beard too big. Anyway, my point, is, was, is, when we were discussing our female mashu up, there was only one girl on… in my mind, you.

Jay: I'm quite drunk.

Paul: And I say this because should I ever disappear I'd want you to know. I'd want you to know, and now you do.

Jay: Come on, let's go find somewhere private.

Paul: Private… why?

Jay: Private is a euphemism. I'm making a euphemism. I don't know who Alan Moore is and you don't know what going somewhere private means., I guess that makes us somewhat even.

Paul: You don't know who Alan Moore is?

Just thought I'd share. The Fades, BBC3, Wednesdays 9pm, coming to BBC America soonn.

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