Robyn Hood Goes Ongoing

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Pat Shand writes,

Okay, so Robyn. She's a half-blind archer with a magical eye living in New York City. The supporting cast is Marian, a witch from the magical realm of Myst who fled to this dimension to escape the constant warring of her world, a roller derby team called the Rockville Riot Grrrls, and a centuries old cult of super rich and powerful beings called the Cabal.

The book is ROBYN HOOD, and it's starting completely over with a new #1 this August.

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I've been working with artist Larry Watts on Robyn Hood since late 2012, and we've done three complete volumes together. We told a very specific story, and now that story is done, and our publisher Zenescope Entertainment is giving us an amazing chance to relaunch the series in a new location with a new cast and a new tone, taking our hero out of the more Medieval setting of the previous volumes and into our modern world. I like to pitch it as Veronica Mars meets Hawkeye because that sounds recognizable and not crazy, but sometimes it feels more like we're doing Buffy the Vampire Slayer as scored by Tegan and Sara. It's a fun ride, and I hope you'll give us a shot. Above anything, Larry and I are glad that the book exists, because it means the world to us.


The ongoing team is me – Pat Shand – on the writes, Larry Watts on art,Slamet Mujiono coloring, and Jim Campbell on letters. Every arc or so, we'll have a guest artist pop in to keep Larry rocking full speed ahead. I actually just saw Larry's first few inked pages last night, and the work is looking amazing.


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Robyn Hood #1 is available for pre-order in this month's Previews.

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