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Belle a Grimm Superhero Leads Zenescopes October 2020 Solicitations

Belle, a Grimm Superhero, Leads Zenescope's October 2020 Solicitations

The publisher, known for the long-running Grimm Fairy Tales, Robyn Hood, and Van Helsing series, the last of which is the basis for Syfy's TV series of the same name, are using this format to reintroduce old titles and keep current series fresh Now, back from their Virtual Beach Con, Zenescope has released its October 2020[...]

Robyn Hood Belle and Peek a Boo Reach Their Finales: Zenescope June 2018 Solicits

Robyn Hood, Belle, and Peek a Boo Reach Their Finales: Zenescope June 2018 Solicits

Miniseries Robyn Hood: The Curse, Belle: Beast Hunter, and Peek a Boo reach their respective finales this June This is in addition to their series such as Grimm Fairy Tales, Musketeers, and GFT: Tales of Terror Full details below.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="816355,816356,816357,816358"]APR181883 GRIMM FAIRY TALES #19 (W) Joe Brusha (CA) Geebo Vigonte Skye takes on the Red Knight, but there is someone pulling his strings![...]

Jasmine Crown of Kings Begins: Zenescope May 2018 Solicits

Jasmine Crown of Kings Begins: Zenescope May 2018 Solicits

Can they finally learn to work together as a team in time to save themselves, and the city of Philadelphia? (STL079389) 32pgs, FC (4 of 5) SRP: $3.99[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="800718,800719,800720,800721"]MAR182125 ROBYN HOOD THE CURSE #5 (OF 6) (W) Chuck Dixon (A) Julius Abrera (CA) Sean Chen It's party time Aztec style! And that means things are going to[...]

Grimm Fairy Tales Tales of Terror and Dance of the Dead: Zenescope March 2018 Solicits

Grimm Fairy Tales' Tales of Terror and Dance of the Dead: Zenescope March 2018 Solicits

Plus, Robyn Hood, Peek a Boo, and Musketeers continue their runs More details below.[gallery ids="764732,764733,764734"]JAN182105 GFT TALES OF TERROR VOL 4 #1 (W) Joe Brusha (CA) Eric J The hit Zenescope horror series is back, and not only as a comic, but also as a soon-to-be-released motion picture The first issue in this new volume ties into the upcoming film and continues[...]

In One Week In Two Weeks &#8211 Its Multiversity Time

In One Week, In Two Weeks – It's Multiversity Time

Launching next week are Multiversity #1, the relaunch of Dark Horse Presents, the new Strain comic, Night Eternal, Sensation Comics, Little Nemo Returns To Slumberland #1, the new Brubaker/Phillips comic Fade Out, Super Secret Crisis War; The Adventures Of Billy & Mandy, Death In Oaxaca, The Hellraiser Bestiary, Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew, Justice Inc.,[...]

Artist Spotlight – Javier Garcia-Miranda Of Dynamites Purgatori

Artist Spotlight – Javier Garcia-Miranda Of Dynamite's Purgatori

He started out with Zenescope working on Robyn Hood Vs Red Riding Hood and the Wonderland on-going before moving over to Dynamite to tackle the new Purgatori series Let's turn the spotlight on and get to know him a little better.BLEEDING COOL: How did you get started drawing?JAVIER GARCÍA-MIRANDA: I cannot remember exactly when, I have[...]

Robyn Hood Goes Ongoing

Robyn Hood Goes Ongoing

Pat Shand writes, Okay, so Robyn. She's a half-blind archer with a magical eye living in New York City. The supporting cast is Marian, a witch from the magical realm of Myst who fled to this dimension to escape the constant warring of her world, a roller derby team called the Rockville Riot Grrrls, and a […]

Zenescope Has Grimm Plans For NYCC

Zenescope Has Grimm Plans For NYCC

Zenescope Entertainment has announced its plans for New York Comic Con 2013.  The company will be appearing at booth #1565 promoting its newest comic books series such as OZ, HIT LIST and NO TOMORROW as well as staple titles such as WONDERLAND and ROBYN HOOD while also continuing the countdown to the landmark 100th issue[...]