So Where Is Runaways In Marvel Legacy Then?

Much was made by Marvel Comics about their Marvel Legacy line-up of ongoing titles from October via a series of homage covers – that went over like an adamantium balloon when finally announced. The Old 52, Meh-gacy and Lame-acy were there three most popular terms heard by Bleeding Cool, and I made only one of them up myself (the first one). But it then emerged that they had missed one out and they were actually the Old 53. Smart money is on a Mark Waid and Chris Samnee run on Captain America, before Ta-Nehisi Coates takes over the book.

But some folk spotted another series absent from the lineup. Runaways. Announced in hype over at Entertainment Weekly as a new ongoing series by Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka for September and solicited as such, it didn't turn up in Marvel Legacy's list.

Rowell told Vox "Starting in September, I'll be the ongoing writer for Runaways. And if people buy it, I will continue to write it. And it's the sort of thing I can do while I write books, so I've already written the first six issues."

After all, it had had 64 issues previously published, the new Runaways #1 could have been Runaways #65. But in the Marvel Legacy announcement, it wasn't even mentioned, let alone given a Legacy homage cover and a storyline title. Had it been cancelled already after just one issue?

Maybe not. Because, despite the announcement, maybe it's not actually an ongoing series. And so not appearing in the Marvel Legacy ongoing list. After all, Marvel's David Gabriel was quoted as saying that Marvel doesn't like to announce that comics are limited series as such because it's a death knell for the comic.

Oh and the Amazon listing for the collected issues? Those six issues that Rowell has already written for next year in Runaways… no Vol 1 or similar listed in its title, which an ongoing series would get.

Maybe it always was a six issue limited series but Marvel Comics just didn't want to say? Or is this just the left hand not knowing what the claws the right hand is popping?So Where Is Runaways In Marvel Legacy Then?

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