Sneak Preview – Supernatural Noir 13 Coins From Hitman Writers And Simon Bisley

Yes, we love this book already on Bleeding Cool. And I think if you take a look at this artwork, you'll see why. Eisner Award-winning artist Simon Bisley is in top form here with a painted sense of horror and drama, and some of his scenes depicting conflict are quite simply epic (look out for the page with angels fighting below). High marks for colors by Ryan Brown also, which really make the images that much more mentally invasive somehow.

13 Coins is a comic depicting a war on heaven and earth turning on the life and times of John Pozner, a former hitman, who discovers he has certain inherited traits and responsibilities of the supernatural variety, and gritty conflict ensues. The writing team of Martin Brennan and Michael B. Jackson are responsible for the screenplay of Hitman: Absolution, too, and have a natural knack for cinematic effect imbued in their storytelling. There's something very special about this comic, and that's why we're particularly excited about it. You'll see it released from Titan Comics on October 8th (oh, that sounds a long way off).

But first you'll get your preview of A and B covers of #1 and interior pages courtesy of Titan Comics:


13_#1preview1web 13_#1preview2web 13_#1preview3web 13_#1preview4web

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