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Marvel & DC Big Books For 2024
Including an Omnibus for the seven-series-strong Seven Soldiers by Grant Morrison and friends, a third Justice League International Omnibus, an Omnibus collection of the Green Lantern/Green Arrow Dennis O'Neil/Neal Adams comics, the first of the Lobo Compendiums by Simon Bisley, a new Vixen NYC collection of digital strips, a new Dreamer graphic novel, a Flash[...]
DC Comics' Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Includes Variant Centrefolds
Well, the G'Nort Illustrated Swimsuit Edition from DC Comics contains variant centrefolds, Poison Ivy by Jen Bartel, Nightwing and Barbara Gordon by Jorge Jiménez and Alejandro Sánchez, and G'nort himself, by Simon Bisley. And DC Comics is suggesting you take photos of yourselves in bikins and trunks as well, saying "Thanks to the magic of comics,[...]
Lake Como Comic Art Festival Full Guest List For 2023
And it looks like he will be debuting images from Zorro: Man Of The Dead there, They join the previously announced Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau, Ryan Ottley, Peach Momoko, Dan Brereton, Jenny Frison, Alexander Lozano, Eric Powell, Sozomaika, Frank Cho, Emanuela Lupacchino, Simon Bisley, Mark Bodé, Cat Staggs, Art Adams, Gabriele Dell'Otto, Lee Bermejo, Travis Charest, Geof[...]
Artists Class Action Lawsuit Against Midjourney & Stable Diffusion AI
Jack Kirby, Siya Oum, Bryan K Vaughan, Klaus Janson, Chip Zdarsky, Will Eisner, Phil Jimenezm Mike Deodato, Matt Fraction, Bart Sears, Mike Mayhew, Tony Moore,  Aaron McGruder, Al Williamson, Albert Uderzio, Mobius, Alex Raymonf, Alex Rodd, Alex Toth, Angus McKie, Brian Bolland, Brian Stelfreeze, Bruce Timm, Charls Burns, Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, Dave Gibbons, Dave[...]
Atomika: God Is Red Omnibus On Kickstarter, Read Full 1st Issue Free
The Atomika: God Is Red Omnibus Edition features more than 75 pages of new art, including work by Simone Bianchi, Simon Bisley, Tim Bradstreet, Claudio Castellini, Travis Charest, Gene Colan, Glenn Fabry, Gary Gianni, David Mack, Angel Medina, Eddy Newell, Alex Nino, Lucio Parrillo, Eric Powell, John Romita Sr., Steve Rude, Arthur Suydam, and Michael[...]
Simon Bisley Painted Artwork From Death Dealer To Lobo, At Auction
A bunch of Simon Bisley original painted artwork is goes under the hammer today as part of an extensive and desirable original artwork lot up for auction today from Heritage Auctions There's tonnes of amazing stuff, including artwork, neverbeforeseen by Simon Bisley for a Lobo video game developed by Kemco USA Game, that never happened[...]
Simon Bisley Original Covers For Brooklyn Gladiator and Rai at Auction
Which also got him covers by Simon Bisley, who recently broke records with sales of his comic book art Bisley started his career doing magazine, and album covers before drawing the revamped ABC Warriors on 2000AD in 1987, later moving to Sláine and Judge Dredd, as well as relaunching Lobo and crossing over Batman and[...]
Simon Bisley Lobo Original Covers and Artwork At Auction
It's Simon Bisley Lobo time at the 2021 June 17 – 19 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction #7244 auction from Heritage, which may be their most significant comic book auction to date with some insanely valuable, desirable, and influential examples of original comic book artwork Including these pages from Simon Bisley, with especially attention over his[...]
Simon Bisley's Original Lobo Cover Goes To Auction
A few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool notes that Simon Bisley's painted cover for the first issue of the Lobo series that, for the first time, interpreting Lobo as the late Lemmy from Motorhead, was up for auction Long scraggly hair, overblown muscles, a wicked scowl, and a tongue too long for his face, the Simon Bisley version[...]
Simon Bisley's Original Lobo Cover Goes To Auction
Simon Bisley's painted cover for the first issue of the Lobo series and his art for the interior is what introduced most Americans to the man Working with his 2000AD/Judge Dredd partner, Alan Grant, they recreated the spandex-wearing neat-and-tidy intergalactic mercenary originally created by Keith Giffen by interpreting Lobo as the late Lemmy from Motorhead[...]
From Manara To Mignola To Madueira - Original Artwork Up For Auction
In Excellent condition. That's at a full $400 which is more like it. Simon Bisley Simon Bisley The Gothic Warrior Role Playing Game Card Illustration Original Art (undated). A sword-wielding assassin in a wintery laden environment, is known as "The Gothic Warrior", from the imaginative mind of the incredibly talented hand of Simon Bisley[...]
Space Bastards
By crowdfunding SPACE BASTARDS, we can continue to pay advances to the artists and keep telling these twisted stories of the Intergalactic Postal Service," added writer Eric Peterson. Darick Robertson sketches The Kickstarter also features Space Bastards prints by Darick Robertson, Colin MacNeil, Clint Langley, and Simon Bisley. Space Bastards, the sci-fi series by Transmetropolitan and The[...]
Kevin Eastman in Clover Press April 2021 Solicits
The new Previews catalogue for April 2021 including the collection of comics by Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley, Totally Twisted Tales, with solicitations below But it will be shipping a month early, in March 2021, from Ted Adams' new publisher, Clover Press Here's the solicitation. Kevin Eastman's Totally Twisted Tales – But What About Lost Angeles? Kevin[...]
Simon Bisley Fully-Painted Lobo Cover Currently Just $6000 On Auction
Heritage Auctions as part of their Sunday & Monday Comics, Animation, Video Games & Art Weekly Online Auction #122101 are auctioning off the original painted artwork by Simon Bisley for Lobo: The Last Czarnian trade paperback from 1991 That story was created by Alan Grant and Simon Bisley and is basically responsible for Lobo ever being popular,[...]
Let's Be Bastards! New Graphic Novel Introduces Space Mailmen With a Violent Twist
Humanoids To Republish Space Bastards In 2021 #humanoids #spacebastards     Last year saw Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey Kickstart the graphic novel Space Bastards, with artists Darick Robertson, Simon Bisley and Gabriel Bautista. The premise for payment is simple; whoever delivers the package gets the cash, and they can use any means necessary to do so.  Roy Sharpton,[...]
Stephanie Phillips, Simon Bisley, Dan Fogler, Heavy Metal August 2020
Heavy Metal Magazine will be publishing its three hundredth issue in August, as well as a number of launch series, including new work from Dan Fogler, Jonathan Hickman, Simon Bisley, Stephanie Phillips, Richard Corben, Ben Templesmith and many more Here's a quick look ahead… UPDATE: Heavy Metal gets in touch to say that Jonathan Hickman was[...]
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Until then, they have a jam cover in the works that they can partially show off, a work in progress featuring the art of Liana Kangas (She Said Destroy, Black AF) and Simon Bisley (Lobo, Judge Dredd) They say "the comics community has always come together to support important causes by telling the stories at[...]
Fairly OK Heroes: Judge Dredd The Cape And Cowl Crimes
It's gloriously violent and gory, and un-apologetically brutal, thanks to artist Simon Bisley Bisley's art is ruthless The colors are bold and striking, due largely to the fact that Bisley likely painted this story His attention to detail is absurd and great The way he draws Dredd as being imposing and brutal is nothing short[...]
Cover Stories: Deadpool, Rick & Morty And Simon Bisley's Vampblade….
just in time for a certain movie. The Rick & Morty #10 Exceed exclusive cover from Jesse James' Comics… And Vampblade is getting a cover by Simon Bisley Both the standard version limited to 2500 copies… …and one in which breasts are dangerous, apparently, limited to a much safer 1500 copies. Well, maybe the way Simon draws them….       [...]
Simon Bisley Returns To Judge Dredd For A Christmas Cover
No one gets a BB-8 this year. By Simon Bisley, he is returning for this cover, to the comic book that made him a star. 2000 AD Prog 1961 will be a 100-page extravaganza with work by Dan Abnett, Rob Williams, Pat Mills, Richard Elson, and many more This issue will go on sale in print and[...]
Brian Azzarello And Simon Bisley's Three Floyds Hits In November From Heavy Metal
Bleeding Cool was the website that first told you about the existence of Brian Azzarello and Simon Bisley's Three Floyds: Rise Of The Alpha King from Heavy Metal, that premiered at this year's Lollapalooza. We'll all get to see what the fuss is about in November, when Heavy Metal publish the comic more widely. Heavy Metal teams with legendary[...]
Heavy Metal Hits Lollapalooza, And Brings Bisley And Azzarello's Rise Of The Alpha King
There's only one way to sneak a peek of Brian Azzarello and Simon Bisley's Rise Of The Alpha King, ahead of release And that's to be an invitee, VIP or performers at Lollapalooza in Chicago this weekend. Heavy Metal Magazine is hosting a VIP Art Gallery & Lounge at Code Of Conduct Tattoo during the music festival, and all qualifying folk are[...]
Doctor Who, Liam Sharp And Other Joys From Titan Comics In November
Jackson (A/CA) Simon Bisley From Eisner Award-winning artist Simon Bisley comes a new series that finds Heaven and Hell at war in an angelic battle over the fate of Mankind Growing skeptical of his newfound mentors, John Pozner, Earth's reluctant savior against the forces of darkness and light, decides to hit the streets and face his[...]
Get Your Free Downloadable Ashcan Of 13 Coins From Titan
Jackson (screenwriters of Hitman: Absolution) and illustrated by Eisner award-winning artist Simon Bisley, with colors by Ryan Brown We've been giving it plenty of attention here on Bleeding Cool due to the rather impressive artwork, for starts. Titan describe the comic as: 13 Coins is the story of John Pozner, a tormented ex-con on a quest for[...]