So How Will The Comic Book Characters Vote?

So How Will The Comic Book Characters Vote?Yesterday we heard how a number of British comic book creators would vote. But how about British comic book characters?

Note, Judge Dredd is ineligible as he's a citizen of Mega City One and Dennis The Menace isn't old enough. Right then.

Jack Staff. A small businessman who believes in individual responsibility, instead of delegating to the state, he's not only a Conservative, but he's does leafletting as well. He used to be a Labour man, but as he got older (now over 100) hsi views have gone more right-wing.

So How Will The Comic Book Characters Vote?Tamara Drewe. All her friends are voting Cameron, but she's voting Nick Clegg because she's sleeping with one of his aides right now and she doesn't want to be disloyal. Not over voting anyway.

Anna Mercury: She's seen how a proto-David Cameron works out in a parallel imaginary dimension. So she's definitely voting Labour. Also, the Labour government upped spending on the The Constellation Project which is responsible for her doing all that Matrixy stuff in orbiting semi-present worlds and she doesn't want Tory cuts to be imposed while she's swooping between a couple of marble skyscrapers.

So How Will The Comic Book Characters Vote?The Knight. Cyril Sheldrake, Earl Of Woldenshire. Conservative.

The Squire. Oh Beryl Hutchinson may pall around with The Knight, but she hasn't forgotten her roots. She grew up poor, her family have been solid Labour and she sees no reason to change. And, frankly, she thinks that old lady probably was a bigot anyway.

V. His only vote is to blow up Parliament.

Pete Wisdom: He's fought alongside Gordon Brown and David Cameron. He knows Cameron is sneakier for that Dracula double cross, which he likes. But he can't actually bring himself to vote for them. So he settles on Nick Clegg. Makes a cross in the ballot paper with his hot knives and burns down the voting station.

Marvelman: Voted to destroy the very concept of voting by installing a worldwide benevolent dictatorship. So Green Party, then.

Joe Bulmer: Labour. Just 'cos no-one else is. And he thinks it would be funny.

John Constantine: Monster Raving Loony Party. They're the only ones not made up of zombies, vampires, demons or priests.

So How Will The Comic Book Characters Vote?Big Dave: BNP.

Captain Britain. Flirted with New Labour in the nineties, he's voting Conservative mainly because of David Cameron. After all Brian Braddock went to the same school as him and Cameron was a few years above. Indeed, Braddock was a fag for Cameron for a while, and unlike some of the other senior pupils, Cameron was very considerate to Braddock. So he owes him one.

Meggan. She voted for the Scottish National Party when she lived on Muir Isle, but has now become more of a floating voter. Will probably settle on Nick Clegg. Possibly literally.

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