Sony's Zorro Reboot Gets A Screenwriter


Sony's long-gestating reboot of its Zorro franchise has itself a new screenwriter. Deadline reports Chris Boal has been tapped to reboot the classic story of the masked superhero.

Back in 2011, Sony tapped TV writers Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia to adapt an origin tale for a Zorro reboot based on Isabel Allende's novel, but it's not clear if this is a continuation of that project or a new take altogether.

Deadline does further report that this Zorro, the 2014 version, will have a "gritty" Dark Knight-esque backstory and also:

There will be swordplay, combined with the martial arts that came from Europe and created a deadly combination of action and lethal fighting systems that combined swords, daggers, grappling and bare knuckles.

Because every story needs its gritty, realistic makeover at one point or another.

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