Did Gotham Have A Zorro? Batman #90 Spoilers

Did Gotham Have A Zorro? Batman #90 Spoilers

Is this Ra' Al Ghul? Is this ? Or further back? Could this be Zorro? Zorro has a rich history as far as Batman is concerned, a major inspiration for the masked crimefighter, it was a Zorro film that the young Bruce Wayne saw before his parents were killed Bill Finger was inspired by The[...]


"Zorro": CBS Television Studios, Propagate Developing Female-Lead Series

One project that getting attention is a new, reimagined Zorro with a female protagonist. Magnum P.I writer and executive producer Alfredo Barrios, Jr will assume those same duties on the new pilot/series.[caption id="attachment_1114207" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Sony[/caption] "Zorro": A Hero Reborn Zorro is a modern retelling of the Zorro mythology following Z[...]

"The Mask Of Zorro" Returns Once Again With New Sideshow Figure

"The Mask of Zorro" Returns Once Again with New Sideshow Figure

Zorro doesn't need superpowers to save the day from injustice and tyranny, he has his whip, his sword, and his accent This figure is based on the 1998 movie The Mask of Zorro featuring Antonio Banderas. This sixth scale figure is from Blitzway and Sideshow and features very realistic features of Antonio, it's oddly quite uncanny[...]

Alan Bahr on Zorro, West End Games, and Role Playing Games

Alan took the time to talk with Bleeding Cool about his latest project, which brings one of our country's original super-heroes to table tops everywhere![caption id="attachment_990552" align="aligncenter" width="600"] //Credit: Zorro Productions, Inc.[/caption]BC: Good morning, Alan! Thanks for taking some time to talk with us!Bahr: It's my pleasure, thanks for having mePlease tell us a little[...]

Michael Kaluta Joins American Mythology's Zorro Revival

American Mythology has announced that veteran comic book artist Michael Kaluta has signed on to their new line of Zorro comics, which launches this summer with Zorro: Swords of Hell #1 It's not 100% clear exactly what Kaluta will be doing Swords of Hell is written by David Avallone with art by Roy Allen Martinez All[...]

Dynamite Bundles Their Pulp Titles For Charity

The bundle is available on the website StoryBundle.com/comics.The first tier includes the following graphic novels, and comprises over 720 pages of storytelling:The Avenger Special 2014: The Television Killers Codename Action Noir tradepaperback Featuring Miss Fury, Black Sparrow & special guest The Shadow Zorro Vol 2: Clashing Blades The Spider Vol 1: Terror Of The Zombie QueenThe second tier starting[...]

The Art Of Jose Gonzalez And Other Hardcovers Shipping In September From Dynamite

Vampirella collectors and Jose Gonzalez fans rejoice, for the life-spanning retrospective you've been waiting for has finally arrived! Featuring an introduction by fan-favorite painter Joe Jusko.Django / Zorro Hardcover Cover: Jae Lee, Francesco Francavilla Writer: Quentin Tarantino, Matt Wagner Art: Esteve PollsOscar Award-winning writer/director and Django creator Quentin Tarantino teams with Eisner Award-winning comic book creator Matt Wagner to[...]

Exclusive Extended Previews For King: Prince Valiant, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter And More

We've got Dynamite previews here for books shipping this week including the first issue of King: Prince Valiant, the last issue of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter plus new issues of Django/Zorro and John Carter: Warlord of Mars.Django / Zorro #4 Quentin Tarantino, Matt Wagner (w) Esteve Polls (a) Jae Lee, Francesco Francavilla, Marc Laming (c)Diego de la[...]

Sorrow As Django/Zorro Comes To An End… Dynamite Solicitations For May 2015

The last issue of Django/Zorro written by Quentin Tarantino and Matt Wagner.. and an all-female cast and crew for the Swords Of Sorrow, led by Gail Simone Four books but plenty more covers to go around...SWORDS OF SORROW #1 (OF 6) (W) Gail Simone (A) Sergio Davila (CA) A: J Scott Campbell; B: Jenny Frison; C:[...]

Exclusive First Look At Django/Zorro, John Carter And Shaft Shipping May 2015

We have a exclusive first look at Dynamite's 'media tie-in' titles that will be shipping in May of 2015 including the final issues of Battlestar Galactica: The Death of Apollo and Django / Zorro.BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE DEATH OF APOLLO #6 (OF 6) Covers: Mike Mayhew, Dietrich Smith and Livio Ramondelli Writer: Dan Abnett Art: Dietrich SmithStarbuck[...]

Exclusive Extended Previews For Django/Zorro, Shaft, Lady Demon And More

We have the debuts of King: Jungle Jim and Legenderry: Vampirella, the second issue of Lady Demon and the third issues of Django / Zorro and Shaft.Django / Zorro #3 Quentin Tarantino, Matt Wagner (w) Esteve Polls (a) Jae Lee, Francesco Francavilla, Mike Mayhew (c)Our heroes finally arrive in Phoenix and their first encounter with the[...]

Cullen Bunn Teams With Eman Cassalos For Masks 2

Artist Eman Cassalos (Alice Cooper) joins writer Cullen Bunn (Deadpool) in a comic book event uniting such pulp characters as The Shadow, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, Lady Satan, Black Terror, Green Hornet, Zorro, and more Masks 2 will feature covers by artists including Butch Guice, Jae Lee, Gabriel Hardman, Colton Worley, Sean Chen, and Robert Hack.The[...]

Highlights From Matt Wagner's Reddit AMA

Matt Wagner, creator of Grendel and Mage and current co-writer on Django / Zorro with Quentin Tarantino, did a r/comicbooks AMA recently We have the highlight of that session.Hello Mr Wagner! I've been a massive Grendel fan for years now and wanted to say that seeing Hunter Rose face off against The Shadow has been[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Zorro Rides Again #1 By Wagner And Polls

With this weeks release of Django / Zorro #1, Dynamite is having a comixology sale on Zorro digital titles for the next three days This is a time to catch up on the tales of the masked adventurer by Matt Wagner and Esteve Polls before they have him join forces with Quentin Tarantino's western hero.And[...]

Exclusive Extended Previews – Django / Zorro, Lone Ranger: Vindicated And More

Red Sonja #13, Lone Ranger: Vindicated #1, Django / Zorro #1, and The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood #2.Red Sonja #13 Gail Simone (w) Walter Geovani (a) Jenny Frison, Renae De Liz (c)Beginning a new Sonja epic that will shake the She-Devil to her core! In THE FORGIVING OF MONSTERS, PART ONE, the Hyrkanian finds herself aiding a[...]

In One Week, In Two Weeks – Django/Zorro, Unchained

On Wednesday, we get the launch of Django/Zorro, Grindhouse, Itty Bitty Mask, Resurrectionists, Kitchen, Bigger Bang, Drifter, All New Captain America, Captain America & The Mighty Avengers, Spider-Verse, Hawd Tales, Deep State,  and Victorian Secret Steam Queens.The week after? Batman '66: The Lost Epiosde, Frank Quitely on Pax Americana, Intersect, Sinergy and Spider-Woman. DARK HORSE COMICSCLASSIC MARVEL UNCANNY X-MEN[...]

Argosy Magazine Among Copyright Acquisition For Licensing

This is roughly 6,000 issues and 30, 000 stories.Part of the deal is The Argosy Magazine. Started back in 1896, the magazine published the exploits of such characters as Tarzan and Zorro Popular Publication also published authors like Raymond Chandler, Ray Bradbury and Erle Stanley Gardner.Steeger Properties plans to license out the titles/stories as part of[...]