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detective-comics-27-cgc-8.0-pinnacle-hillThe cold and snow is settling in early this year, so April is sounding pretty good right now. We'll be into the Batman 75th Anniversary celebrations by then, and maybe something elseAll the Forever Evil stuff ends in March along with the Blight crossover. It looks like that may also be the end of Talon. That could also be when the creative team on Red Hood And The Outlaws and Detective Comics changes. We'll have the debut of Batman Eternal in March or April. Justice League of America becomes Justice League Canada. There have been a number of cancellations recently announced but no new books aside from the Batman weekly. We're expecting the end of Stormwatch and possibly even The Movement as well.

Most-Read Comic Stories Tuesday:

All-New Costumes For The All-New X-Men 

This was the solicited cover to All-New X-Men #19 by Brandon Peterson. It's actually for tomorrow's issue instead. The costumes of the All-New X-Men, stripped from their owners. It did kinda give the impression that they were all dead at the end of Battle Of The Atom, or returned to their previous time.

So What's Up With DC Comics In April?

So.. what's happening with DC Comics in April? Lots of things seem to be coming to a head.

Fantastic Four Relaunched By James Robinson And Leonard Kirk In February, Announced For Real This Time

Remember that fuss during NYCC about the hastily pulled IGN article announcing the relaunch of Fantastic Four from James Robinson And Leonard Kirk?  Well, however the signals got crossed back then, it's officially official, this time from USA Today:

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Tuesday:

Drew Goddard To Write Daredevil Netflix Series

When the announcement came that Disney and Marvel were bringing some of their superheros to Netflix in the form of live action 13-episode series, it seemed almost like a fever dream and way too good to be true, but today's news reiterates how real this really is.

More Nightwing Casting Rumors – This Time For The Small Screen's Arrow

Screen Rant suppose that there's always been a question whether the DC cinematic universe of the Nolan Batman trilogy and Man of Steel and the TV U consisting of Arrow and the forthcoming The Flash are one and the same.

Angelina Jolie Is Evil Eyes And Serious Horns On The Poster For Maleficent

The trailer for Disney's Sleeping Beauty redux Maleficent will land online tomorrow, ahead of rolling out into cinemas with Frozen. I'm very curious to see how Angelina Jolie is playing this. The animated version of the character, and Eleanor Audley's performance as her voice, are pretty much indelible, I think. Jolie had a tough, tough gig.


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