The Real Kick Ass Vs Kickstarter


Dave Lizewski. If you know the name, you know he's Kick Ass' secret identity. You might also know he's the guy who paid Mark Millar a few thousand dollars on eBay for charity in order to give his name to Kick Ass.

Well, now he seems to be fighting his own battles.

Such as on Kickstarter, looking at two Kickstarter projects created by Malcolm Harris of Channel M Live that have failed to deliver. A backer to one of the projects, he's had no response from Harris on the non-delivery of his donor reward. Harris currently has a live project up on mobcaster under Channel M Production…

The book he backed, Princess Lucinda, was completed and appears available for sale in print on Amazon, but there has been no contact from Harris. Both comment pages are full of people despairing at not getting the physical or digital version and talking about lawsuits.

Maybe the real Kick Ass should pay him a visit?

He's not alone with comics Kickstarter frustration. Other Bleeding Cool readers have been worried about Tony Harris' Roundeye, which was funded February 2011. There have been no public updates for a year and a half, and the comment list is full of people expressing concern and dismay.

Earlier this year, Tony did respond to online criticism, tweeting;






You can read the rest here. One donor got in touch to say they had bit for the following;

PLEDGE $50 OR MORE PLEDGE $50 OR MORE These new rewards are at the request of a lotta folks! Here ya go! When you pledge $50.00, you get your name printed in the book! You get the OUT OF PRINT Desperado Primer, featuring the first, and ONLY appearance of ROUNDEYE! This story is featured here on this site in full color, but unlettered. So not only will you be able to read the story, Tony will provide a head sketch of ROUNDEYE on a blank trading card made of Bristol board, and signed, as well as signing the comic! These are very limited to 200 copies, so act fast!

But has still received no Primer or head sketch, and no response from Tony to his inquiries. He also believed he would be getting the book, as he asked "Do all the pledges above $40 also get the pre-order reward?" to be told "yes".

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