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Tony Harris On Rebuilding Bridges
An Ex Machina cosplayer… A short while back, Bleeding Cool came under attack from comic creator Tony Harris after we ran his thoughts on cosplayers, as he had asked people to do. "And lastly, Bleeding Cool, and Rich Johnston are Shithead, scumbags, and this isnt the first time his camp has come after me[...]
The Real Kick Ass Vs Kickstarter
Other Bleeding Cool readers have been worried about Tony Harris' Roundeye, which was funded February 2011 There have been no public updates for a year and a half, and the comment list is full of people expressing concern and dismay. Earlier this year, Tony did respond to online criticism, tweeting; @Jason_Farrell ok, after I looked at your[...]
Making The Panel Work For Its Supper: Chin Music #1 by Steve Niles and Tony Harris
The comic takes its time as well, moments are slow and detailed, where Ben Templesmith blurs, giving impressions, letting the reader fill in the grimness in their heads, Tony Harris brings it all out in sharp detail, an almost pornographic obsessions with flesh in forced perspective, and then hangs the results almost above the page[...]
Image Solicitations: April 2013 – The Return Of Distant Soil, And The Start Of Chin Music, Miniature Jesus And Jupiter's Legacy. Oh And Mighty Skullkickers.
Unmissable. (Variant covers by Bryan Hitch, Dave Johnson and Phil Noto) CHIN MUSIC #1 (MR) (W) Steve Niles (A/CA) Tony Harris Shaw is a man on the run and lost in time Fleeing ancient enemies, Shaw finds himself in prohibition-era Chicago surrounded by gangers and demons alike and caught between law enforcement and the local supernatural underground[...]
The Fake Geek Girl – Afterwards They Will Explode
[youtube][/youtube] Patrick Willems presents Tony Harris' worst nightmare. And an alternate cut Cut Get it? [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Patrick Willems presents Tony Harris' worst nightmare. And an alternate cut[...]
Which Whistling Skull Character Will You Cosplay As In 2013?
Whistling Skull came out this week, the long-awaited creator-owned comic book by B Clay Moore and Tony Harris, that somehow has become a JSA title. But the biggest question it raises is not how a creator owned comic book can be a JSA title (lots of lawyer and marketing fun), are the timeline jumps confusing (no,[...]
Tony Harris Returns To Talk Cosplay
Tony Harris, at the centre of a controversy last month over the motivation of certain cosplayers and how this reflected upon the rest of the comics industry. He's now addressed the matter again, though in a more private fashion, and without asking people to retweet it He writes on Facebook; Well I had hoped to NOT address[...]
The World At Noonan – Give Thanks For Cosplay
  Lucy Noonan writes for Bleeding Cool; If you hadn't heard of him before this week, you probably know who Tony Harris is now He's the comic book artist who ripped into female cosplayers on his Facebook page this week While Harris did say that he was targeting only specific female cosplayers that he thought knew nothing[...]
Geek Girl On The Street Reports: Gail Simone's Tea Is Only Con-Hot*
Kate Kotler writes for Bleeding Cool; That One Time I Missed Something On The Innerwebs Hello, Bleeding Cool, how ya been? So guess what!?! The whole "Tony Harris has a meltdown about non-geeky girls cosplaying" thing completely passed me by this week. It was my birthday this week, I was too busy eating cake, drinking whisky and making[...]
Where Were You During Cosplay Appreciation Day?
Here are some comic book professionals takes on yesterday's goings-on. I'm coming out of convention retirement, putting on my Emma Frost costume, & I'm going to stand in front of Tony Harris's table and grind it — BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (@BRIANMBENDIS) November 14, 2012   Knowing that any number of talented cosplayers of my acquaintance are suffering under the[...]
Tuesday Trending Topics: Of Cosplayers And Nerds
It is the nature and purpose of the nerd to inflame the rest of the population with what it currently means to be a nerd — like human cultural antibodies that keep the world from getting too boring. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: "Hey! Quasi-Pretty-NOT-Hot-Girl, You Are More Pathetic Than The REAL Nerds" – Tony Harris (UPDATE) On Twitter,[...]
Tony Harris Would Like You To Ask About War Heroes
On the Bleeding Cool forums, in response to an ECCC interview with Tony Harris, a number of readers wanted to know why Tony was creating new work for Image when he hadn't finished the long-delayed War Heroes series with Mark Millar. It touched a rather sore spot Tony responded on the boards; Cheers please go to Millarworld,[...]