The Walking Dead #100 Bet That Lost A Man His Comic Book Collection

A comic reader (let's call him Mike) posted;

Dear Friends

A tragic event happened today, a few mouths back I was having a discussion about The Walking Dead with a friend in work, he was slagging the comic off and calling Mr Kirkman some nasty names.

The Main point was that The Walking Dead is very predictable. So I called him on his bullshit, and so we made a little bet. He made a prediction (i wont tell you the prediction because it would spoil the comic and TV show) and he had till issue #100 for it to come true. So I took up his bet.

The Wager
If I won, all I wanted was to hear him take back everything he said about The Walking Dead and Mr Kirkman.

If He Won
He would get my whole comic collection, ive been collecting every week for 10 years now. So it's a hell of a lot.

Some of you might know walking dead #100 comes out next week, and being lucky in my work place I got to read it today. I was fully enjoying the wonderful work Mr Kirkman was providing, I turned to the 3rd to last page…………

I Lost The Bet

Being a man, I never go back on a bet, so he's walking round work calling it his collection,

Dark times indeed friends

The Walking Dead #100 Bet That Lost A Man His Comic Book Collection
His friend (let's call him Bill) also posted;

I'll put what I predicted some other time, The Walking Dead #100 is out next week and I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone. I stopped reading it from Vol 6, a condition of the bet was I had to catch up, it was still as shite as the day I stopped reading it. I like comics but I like it to tell me the story, give me a surprise, not for me to see it coming from issue 80.

He now can't tell me I'm wrong, I'm a dick, disagree with my opinions on The Walking Dead, I'll always have this to hang over his head.

Now the good part like he mentioned, the bet was for his ENTIRE COMIC COLLECTION (which I won). Now I'm not an evil person I knew He wouldn't bring his entire comic collection to me, I've seen him work (if you can call it that) I told him I'd settle for his dog but he said I can have his comics.

So here how it works I'm allowing Him to keep the/my comics at his house and he can do what he likes to them (I was only going to burn them anyway) but only if, from now till the day I give him the opportunity to win his collection back, that he calls it MY Collection.

Mike has created a logo to celebrate his win, and is allowing people to buy products with the claim on it so that you can all own His comic collection, any money raised will go towards The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and The Hero Initiative

The Walking Dead #100 Bet That Lost A Man His Comic Book Collection

Could this be the iconic shirt to wear at MCM London Expo? Could we get them both invited as a guest?

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