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House of Halloween: Max Unveils Spotlight Page & Curated Collection
Halloween collections on the kid's home page and on the Kids & Family genre pages include  "Scoobtober," "Family-Friendly Frights," "Halloween Episodes," and "Looney Tunes: Hare-Raising Frights." In addition, culinary enthusiasts can savor an extensive menu of Halloween baking shows, including series like Halloween Baking Championship, Halloween Cake-Off, Halloween Cookie Challenge, Kids Halloween Baking Championship, and[...]
Loewe x Howl's Moving Castle Capsule Collection Unveiled
The vibrant colors of Calcifer, aesthetic of Witch of the Waste and many more have been unveiled in a new collection from Loewe celebrating the style of Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle The 2004 film by Hayao Miyazaki has been invoked for fans with this capsule collection coming out of the luxury house formed back in[...]
Women Of Myth: Simon & Schuster Debut Illustration Guide Book
From heroines and deities to leaders and mythical creatures, this collection explores figures of myth who can inspire modern readers with their ability to shape our culture with the stories of their power, wisdom, compassion, and cunning The collection is available now for pre-order ahead of its February 21st release. Cover art with illustrations by Sara[...]
Barbie And CASETiFY Launch Vibrant New Tech Accessory Collection
The focus on Mattel Inc's iconic Barbie brand has only grown with future projects like Barbie: It Takes Two, the ever-expanding collection of toys and collectibles and the highly anticipated film starring Margot Robbie and directed by Greta Gerwig There's more to be excited about with collections like the one recently released by CASETiFY with Barbie[...]
Alice In Wonderland & Sigma Beauty's Magical Makeup Collection
Sigma has officially launched their vibrant Disney Alice in Wonderland collection that brings the world of magic to makeup An eyeshadow palette, cheek duo, lip duo and brush set are available separately or together as a complete collection As the fall season swings into high gear, there's a lot to be intrigued by with this[...]
Sigma Beauty & Alice In Wonderland Collection Arrives This Fall
Inspired by your favorite characters, songs, and moments from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, this collection launches a mesmerizing new eyeshadow palette, enchanting pressed-powder cheek duo, limited-edition 5-piece brush set, and luxurious lip duo featuring a brand new, ultra-hydrating lip cream formula The pastel colors and packaging bring the themes of Alice in Wonderland alive in photos and[...]
CASETiFY Announces 'Street Fighter' Iconic Game Series Collection
Priority Orders will receive a limited-edition Street Fighter mini arcade papercraft. Source: CASETiFY The most striking product in the CASETiFY x Street Fighter collection is the limited-edition Chun-Li Lenticular case In almost every game, Chun-Li's signature move is the "Hyakuretsu Kyaku", her ability to throw multiple kicks in one sitting It is commonly known in English as[...]
Nintendo Collector Recreates Company's Original Office For Collection
A Nintendo collector based in France named Fabrice Heilig decided he was going to go above and beyond with his personal collection of items Heilig ran into the same issue a lot of collectors run into, and that's a lack of space Everything he owned was slowly consuming the space around him, and he needed[...]
Marvel Comics Realises They Solicited Sam Wilson Collection With Contents of Agents Of Atlas
Captain America: Sam Wilson – The Complete Collection Vol 1 was solicited from Marvel Comics in their December solicitations (and out in January 2020) with the following contents: Agents Of Atlas #6-11, X-Men Vs Agents Of Atlas #1-2, Avengers Vs Atlas #1-4, Thunderbolts (1997) #139-140 and material from Assault On New Olympus Prologue, Incredible Hercules #138-141[...]
Psychiatric Tales Presents A Glimpse Behind The Scenes of Mental Health
Darryl Cunningham's collection of comics, Psychiatric Tales, gifts the viewer with a rare, humanized vision of what it is like for those who work within the mental health field, and for those who suffer from mental health afflictions It is a candid, with simple though evocative black-and-white drawings in a style reminiscent of newspaper strips,[...]
Final Defendant In Comic Collection Robbery Pleads Guilty, Could Face 20 Years
Five years ago, Homer Marciniak, an 77 year old man living in Medina, New York, was assaulted in his home by a group of men trying to steal his comic collection Threatened, tied up and beaten, Homer died from a heart attack the next day. Yesterday, the final defendant in the case, Albert Parsons admitted taking part[...]
Jim Wheelock's Comics Collection Stolen In Brattleboro, Vermont
It looks like my entire comics collection was taken It has great personal value to me, and was also part of my retirement plans. I'm a comics artist and illustrator, myself, best known for illustrating the graphic novel, Inferno Los Angeles I live in Los Angeles, and am attempting to deal with things by remote control[...]
Dan Abnett And Andy Lanning's Guardians Of The Galaxy To Be Collected In Full
Because, with the movie coming, Marvel have decided to do the decent thing and put the entire Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning Guardians Of The Galaxy run back into print, with their names in the title, starting in August with the Guardians of the Galaxy by Abnett & Lanning: The Complete Collection Volume 1. So if[...]
How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Sell My Comics Collection
What does this have to do with selling my comic collection on eBay? No one pays attention to anything there either. "What is the condition for Uncanny #266?" the question from the buyer reads, oblivious to the write up I gave and the attached photos. Or the most common reoccurring facepalming message, "I know it says you[...]
When Your Ex Takes Your Comic Collection…
When any long term romantic relationship breaks down, splitting up your possessions can be just as hard as splitting up your lives. As British Bleeding Cool reader Alan Nolan relates; My comic collection has been stolen by my ex-girlfriend It consists of three thousand comics, mainly Marvel, DC from 2000 0nwards, but some indies and some stuff[...]
The Walking Dead #100 Bet That Lost A Man His Comic Book Collection
So I took up his bet. The Wager If I won, all I wanted was to hear him take back everything he said about The Walking Dead and Mr Kirkman. If He Won He would get my whole comic collection, ive been collecting every week for 10 years now So it's a hell of a lot. Some of you might[...]