Will Scott Pilgrim Make Its Money Back? Kick-Ass Shows The Way

So Scott Pilgrim came fifth for its opening weekend, with a total of under $11 million in the US and Canada. Hardly stellar performance with a budget of $68 million and a marketing budget on top that was rather high. So. What next?

Well. the movie will continue to play, possibly with a fair few repeat viewing from the hardcore, open in the UK (where it will do significantly better in comparison) and many other territories around the world. Money will trickle in.

And the then there's the DVD, the Blu Ray and the download.

Kick-Ass came out in North America last week. And Kick-Ass blasted into number one, on DVD, on BluRay, on iTunes download, Zune and Sony/Playstation platforms. It gave the Kick-Ass studio Lionsgate its biggest digital week's performance for any movie to date. It may have had to pull all sorts of dodgy statistics to claim number one for the week it debuted in the cinema, but there was no need here. But that's not where the achievements end.

More people bought the DVD compared to how many saw it in cinemas than any other major released of the quarter, something Lionsgate has been specialising in. Just not as well as Kick-Ass with 1.4 million in disc sales.

The Blu Ray release accounts for a staggering 42% of all sales, which means that Kick-Ass is making even more money comparatively.  Indeed, added all together, it's well over the gross for the first week in cinemas and won't be far off the cumulative gross. And this is just the first week.

Scot Pilgrim take note. Hell, you're mentioned in the Kick-Ass movie after all.

Note: Adverts for CLiNT Magazine appear in the UK Kick-Ass DVD and Blu Ray, out in September.

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