REVIEW: Batman's Grave #3 — "I Am Habitually Ripped To The Gills On Very Fine Cocaine, sir"

DC Comics, creative team: Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch, Kevin Nowlan, Alex Sinclair, Richard Starkings

If we must judge these sorts of things, the "Snarky David Niven" Alfred version of Alfred is the best. A veritable quote machine who snipes at the Batman as much as he helps him, virtually everything this mini's version of the iconic butler says is fantastic, mostly without being a spoiler. When asked how he works in the mansion all day and stays in the cave all night, he replies, "I am habitually ripped to the gills on very fine cocaine, sir." When his charge explains the value of the Bat to Gotham and Commissioner Gordon, Alfred quips, "You're a positive Samaritan, sir. Conducting extra-judicial activities just to give the good Commissioner a peaceful fifteen minutes on the porcelain. If you took over GCPD's entire daily total of illegal beatings he could probably have a little holiday." Sadly, all the humor and snark in the world can't cover up this threadbare plot, with a wordless action scene as its central set piece that conveyed little actionable information about the as-yet-unidentified antagonist. You can add to that some slow detective work that would have made Jerry Orbach anxious to speed things along. This at least shows the attempt at justifying the title of Dark Knight Detective, but in a way where the wise cracking supporting character gets all the spotlight worth having, up to and including figuring out key parts of the mystery. RATING: MEH.

Batman's Grave

(W) Warren Ellis (A) Kevin Nowland (A/CA) Bryan Hitch
A corrupt politico dies by his own hand, but James Gordon is convinced there's something more to it. Now, it's time to ask for access to the Batman's resources. And that is why, right now, in a stately Gotham City mansion, the Batman is being beaten to death.
In Shops: Dec 11, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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