Rick Remender Had Plans for a Dark Horse Mega-Crossover Event

Superstar comic book writer Rick Remender revealed an outline for a crossover between Fear Agent, The Goon, Hellboy, The Mask, Aliens, and Predator. Sadly, it was not to be.

The coronavirus pandemic has shut down comic shops and halted the publication of new comics, leaving many comic book readers, along with the media, without anything to read or talk about. Remender is the hero we need right now, taking to Twitter to dust off old pitches and artwork for comics from over a decade ago that give us something to fill our imaginations while we wait for the industry to figure out how to carry on.

So far, we've learned about his plans for taking over the X-books that never came to be after he told Marvel to drown in hobo piss in 2014 over the corporately-mandated Inhumans vs. X-Men. We've looked at his rejected pitch for a Spider-Man story bursting with bug-themed baddies and saw a veritable crap-ton of artwork from his various creator-owned Image Comics series and the same from his Marvel days. We even got to read part of a Namor pitch that was basically Frank Miller's Daredevil: Born Again meets The Little Mermaid, and a wild Hearts of Darkness sequel pitch that would have seen the invention of Cosmic Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange in a polyamorous relationship with Clea and Brother Voodoo, and vampire Wolverine and werewolf Captain America doing their own version of Twilight, a Ka-Zar pitch that saw the Savage Land relocated to Central Park, and a Silver Surfer pitch that blamed everything on the devil.

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The latest rejected Remender pitch is for a super-mega-crossover event at Dark Horse Comics bringing together Remender's Fear Agent along with The Goon, Hellboy, The Mask, Aliens, and Predator in an epic rumble that would surely have shaken the Dark Horse Universe to its foundations leaving nothing the same again.

In a five-issue mini-series called "The Big Mess," Fear Agent's Heath Huston would travel the multiverse and team up with The Goon and Hellboy and presumably battle Aliens and Predators. It might have been good fun… if Dark Horse had agreed to do it. Which they didn't.

Rick Remender huge crossover pitch

And if you're thinking there might still be a chance, think again.

Sadly, we'll never know how this one would have ended, but at least somebody is putting out new story ideas, unlike Marvel and DC who didn't have the guts to innovate for decades as the direct market became more and more fragile, and now it's too late for them to innovate without destroying the whole thing in the process. Ah well. For Remender, we'll raise a tall glass of hobo piss and hope whatever comic companies emerge from this crisis have more courage than the old ones.

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