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Cover image for ALIENS AFTERMATH #1
35 years ago, the Hadley's Hope colony suffered a terrible tragedy as chronicled in the classic film Aliens And what better way to celebrate the deaths of so many people at the hands of Xenomorphs than by… going back to get a bunch of people killed again! And so, Aliens Aftermath #1 hits stores from[...]
New Hiya Toys Alien and Predator 1/18 Scale Collectible Figures
We then travel back to the beloved sequel Aliens as the expensive $299 Armored Personnel Carrier is back but with a new green deco Loadout your Colonial Marines with the highly detailed transport vehicle that will be a must have piece if you missed the previous releases Last but not least is a new Alien[...]
Predator Rights In Legal Dispute Between Original Writers & Disney
Aliens is one of the rare films that could be said to have surpassed its predecessor The film took everything that we loved from the first and followed up with something that reflected on the pros and cons, giving us a film with even more dynamic layers to dissect. One of those important sequel changes came[...]
Legends of Tomorrow: Lisseth Chavez Talks Esperanza "Spooner" Cruz
When The CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns this Sunday night, May 2, with "Ground Control to Sara Lance" (directed by Kevin Mock; written by James Eagan & Mark Bruner), our Legends' fearless leader Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) has been captured by some pesky aliens, meaning a battle through time and space to not only get her[...]
The cover to Alien: Aftermath #1, by Phil Noto and not, to our knowledge, traced from a photo of an action figure.
Marvel plans to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the movie Aliens in the only way they know how: by producing a one-shot comic to cash in Aliens: Aftermath will be written by Ben Percy with art by Dave Wachter and with a cover by Phil Noto, which offers an interesting contrast from the regular Alien[...]
american horror story
The choices they had were "Aliens," "X-Mas Horror," "Bloody Mary," "Sirens," "Piggy Man," and "Plague." On Wednesday, we learned which choices made it out of the first round- with 'Aliens," "Bloody Mary," "Sirens," and "Plague" moving on to see who makes it to the final two- before an ultimate champ is crowned (or would that[...]
american horror story — Denis O'Hare (@denisohare) March 21, 2021 So remember back in September 2020 when we reported on Sarah Paulson doing a project with Harper's BAZAAR where she responded to fan theories? In response to one about "aliens" being revisited in the tenth season, Paulson paused before saying, "I plead the Fifth," then another pause before following[...]
Alien Invades Hiya Toys Once Again With New 1/18 Figures
Hiya Toys continues to impress fans as they announce more amazing 1/18 scale figures from Alien and Aliens Two new figures were revealed, this time with a new crew member of the USCSS Nostromo Dallas He is sport his iconic Nostromo space suit and will include some accessories with a lantern, pistol, and vine a[...]
Aliens Was Sigourney Weaver's Favorite Of The Series To Make
In a new interview with Collider, Weaver answered an important question: Which of her appearances of Ripley was her favorite to make? Ellen Ripley I Still Like The First The Best, But Weaver Loves Aliens "Oh, goodness, that's difficult," exclaimed the Ripley Actress "The best-constructed story for the character to tell was in Aliens, just because Jim [Cameron][...]
Auto Draft
Cold Iron Studios and 20th Century games announced a major game from the Alien franchise today with Aliens: Fireteam The game was originally announced nearly three years ago when it was revealed Cold Iron got the bid to create a major AAA title featuring the sci-fi IP, which has been kept in secret for the[...]
Marvel Omnibuses – Kull The Destroyer & Aliens: Original Years Vol 2
Marvel Comics has announced two August 2021 Omnibuses, one by press release, the other by The Uncanny Omar's YouTube channel, Kull The Destroyer Omnibus and Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus Volume 2… covers and content details below. Kull The Destroyer Omnibus will follow Kull: Savage Sword The Original Marvel Years Omnibus out in May The first[...]
NECA Shows Off Their Alien Xenomorph Collection with New Visual Guide
NECA has continued their 12 Days of Downloads with a visual guide for their Aliens figure line While the visual guide does not tease any upcoming figures, it is still amazing to look at the wide variety of Xenomorph collectibles that NECA has created Some of our favorite Alien figures that have been released include[...]
More Xenomorphs Arrive as Hiya Toys Announces New Figures
Hiya Toys is at it again as they announce more 1/18th scale Xenomorph figures from their Aliens and Alien vs Predator line We have seen so many variations of these characters; they all seem to blend together at this point but still cool non the less Our first Xenomorph is from AVP with a new[...]