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Paul Reiser Writes 'Aliens/What If. Carter Burke Had Lived' For Marvel
And applying it to the Aliens licensed comic book line from 20th Century Fox Studios with What If… Aliens. Paul Reiser with Sigourney Weaver in Aliens (screencap) Asking "what if Carter Burke had lived" in the Aliens movie, the comic will also be reprising roles What If… Aliens be written by the actor who played Carter Burke[...]
Aliens: Dark Descent Reveals Gameplay Trailer & Launch Date
Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive have dropped a brand new trailer for Aliens: Dark Descent this week, providing a better look at the story Working together with developer Tindalos Interactive, in collaboration with 20th Century Games, you're thrown into a hostile situation where Xenomorphs have taken over a facility, where you and a group of[...]
NECA Announces the Return of the Aliens Xenomorph Queen Figure 
The fan-favorite and massive Xenomorph Queen Deluxe figure from the 1986 film Aliens is back! That is right; fans do not have to worry about those third-party sellers anymore as they can find pre-orders are already live today This beauty comes in at a whopping 30 inches long and 15 inches tall, featuring 30 points[...]
Aliens, Predator & Apes Now Part Of Marvel's 20th Century Imprint
Disney bought 20th Century Fox as well as Marvel, and we have seen the move of licenses such as Star Wars, Aliens and Predator to Marvel from Dark Horse, and Planet of The Apes from Boom How long will Boom keep hold of Firefly, Buffy or Angel? It looks like Star Wars, however, will not[...]
Where Aliens Vs Predator First Began
In 1989, co-founder and VP of Dark Horse Comics, Randy Stradley, with artist Phill Norwood, told a couple of short stories in Dark Horse Presents, the anthology comic from Dark Horse, with issue 34 featuring a short Aliens story, showing alien eggs being harvested and an Alien Queen being held hostage. Aliens in Dark Horse Presents[...]
Survios & 20th Century Games Partner For New Aliens Title
20th Century Games and Survios announced this morning that the two companies will partner up on a brand new Aliens game This brand new collaboration between the two will bring about what they're calling an "intense single-player, action-horror game" which will be set in the Alien universe Plus, this game will be released across the[...]
Aliens: Fireteam Elite
Cold Iron Studios and 20th Century Games announced this week that Aliens: Fireteam Elite will be getting new content at the end of August The move is part of an overall upgrade to the game that will improve a number of things and add more content Starting with an update this July which will be[...]
Auto Draft
Marvel Comics may have the Alien/Aliens/Predator franchise now, but this has brought new interest to the Dark Horse Aliens, and Predator runs With Heritage Auction offering a set of seven slabbed comic books from over thirty years ago, as that franchise was being established So we have a listing for Aliens: Genocide #1 9.8, Aliens[...]
Aliens: Genocide #1 and Aliens Vs. Predator #0
Once upon a time, Dark Horse had the license to Aliens and Predator comic books, and with them, publisher Mike Richardson built a publishing empire in Portland, and shifted the compass of the American comic book industry westwards… before recently selling the company to the Chinese Marvel Comics has the license to both for comics[...]
Aliens #3 (Dark Horse, 1989)
Dark Horse Presents #24 was the first appearance of the Aliens franchise in comic books.  It was quickly followed by the original 1988-1989 Aliens series which became the first comic book mini-series title published by Dark Horse Comics that was based on a licensed movie property Written by Mark Verheiden with covers and art by[...]
Prime 1 Studio Debuts Aliens Ellen Ripley Premium Masterline Statue 
Coming in at 22" tall, this statue showcases the film Aliens as our heroine is ready to overcome her next challenge Prime 1 Studio just nailed this piece with incredible likeness and a combination of tailored fabric to bring her design to life Navigating her way through the Atmosphere Processing Plant, she is placed on[...]
NECA Reveals New Xenomorphs Figure from Aliens: Fireteam Elite
The newest release was Aliens: Fireteam Elite which showcases a player and his three companions again an army of Xenomorphs Aliens have inspired many of the legends of these space killers, and it is a worthy sequel increasing the simple spaceship assassin to an entire army on a Colonial planet NECA is easily one of[...]
Aliens Power Loader with Ripley Model Kit Arrives from Good Smile
It is time to relive the climactic battle of the hit sci-fi film Aliens as Good Smile Company reveals their newest MODEROID model kit The iconic Power Loader returns for this 1/12 scale kit that gives collectors a perfect miniaturized replica of the machine For this being an Aliens model kit, it does have a[...]
Aliens #3 (Dark Horse, 1989).
Coming two years after the company's founding in 1986, the 1988 Aliens comic book series by Mark Verheiden (which followed a debut in Dark Horse Presents #24) helped put Dark Horse on the map as a licensed comics powerhouse.  This series would ultimately set the tone for mature readers film and television adaptations in comics[...]
I felt like [for] audiences who loved Aliens, there was an opportunity to do one more film with Sigourney in a way that may have satiated what people were looking for and what I think I was looking for." Even in the recent discussion surrounding his concept for Alien 5 (which was really more of a[...]
It’s Game Over Man, With NERF’s Replica Aliens M41-A Blaster
Hasbro is helping fans celebrate the 35th anniversary of the iconic science fiction film Aliens with their newest collectible It is NERF, or nothing with this incredible release as NERF LMTD reveals their Aliens M41-A Pulse Blaster replica The iconic sci-fi weapon comes to life like never before with a Power Loader inspired design and[...]
american horror
The longer they play up the mysteries surrounding what roles aliens and mermaids/sea creatures will play and what the possible connections might be between the two, the less that fans focus on the cast and demand a trailer And that smart planning continued with the release of two more teasers. Image: Screencap In the first teaser, the[...]
american horror story
Up to this point, we know that aliens and seas creatures (mermaid/sirens) are major factors in the two-part "sea/sand" season But Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk's long-running horror anthology still has us scratching our heads over if there will be a direct connection or more of a thematic connection based on the structure of the[...]
american horror
To coincide with the news that this month is a celebration of all things AHS, Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk's long-running horror anthology has released a new teaser that continues to play up the aliens and sirens-mermaids connection And once again, it does seem like the aliens end up on the losing side of things. Image: Screencap So[...]
american horror story
First, it's been confirmed that not only are aliens and mermaids/sirens the major players during the two-part season but that their worlds are ready to collide (again?) Then we learned the official names of the two parts, with "Part One" officially named "Red Tide" and "Part Two" officially named "Death Valley" But this time around, things[...]
Cover image for ALIENS AFTERMATH #1
35 years ago, the Hadley's Hope colony suffered a terrible tragedy as chronicled in the classic film Aliens And what better way to celebrate the deaths of so many people at the hands of Xenomorphs than by… going back to get a bunch of people killed again! And so, Aliens Aftermath #1 hits stores from[...]
New Hiya Toys Alien and Predator 1/18 Scale Collectible Figures
We then travel back to the beloved sequel Aliens as the expensive $299 Armored Personnel Carrier is back but with a new green deco Loadout your Colonial Marines with the highly detailed transport vehicle that will be a must have piece if you missed the previous releases Last but not least is a new Alien[...]
Predator Rights In Legal Dispute Between Original Writers & Disney
Aliens is one of the rare films that could be said to have surpassed its predecessor The film took everything that we loved from the first and followed up with something that reflected on the pros and cons, giving us a film with even more dynamic layers to dissect. One of those important sequel changes came[...]
Legends of Tomorrow: Lisseth Chavez Talks Esperanza "Spooner" Cruz
When The CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns this Sunday night, May 2, with "Ground Control to Sara Lance" (directed by Kevin Mock; written by James Eagan & Mark Bruner), our Legends' fearless leader Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) has been captured by some pesky aliens, meaning a battle through time and space to not only get her[...]
The cover to Alien: Aftermath #1, by Phil Noto and not, to our knowledge, traced from a photo of an action figure.
Marvel plans to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the movie Aliens in the only way they know how: by producing a one-shot comic to cash in Aliens: Aftermath will be written by Ben Percy with art by Dave Wachter and with a cover by Phil Noto, which offers an interesting contrast from the regular Alien[...]
american horror story
The choices they had were "Aliens," "X-Mas Horror," "Bloody Mary," "Sirens," "Piggy Man," and "Plague." On Wednesday, we learned which choices made it out of the first round- with 'Aliens," "Bloody Mary," "Sirens," and "Plague" moving on to see who makes it to the final two- before an ultimate champ is crowned (or would that[...]
american horror story — Denis O'Hare (@denisohare) March 21, 2021 So remember back in September 2020 when we reported on Sarah Paulson doing a project with Harper's BAZAAR where she responded to fan theories? In response to one about "aliens" being revisited in the tenth season, Paulson paused before saying, "I plead the Fifth," then another pause before following[...]