Rob Liefeld Celebrates Dan Didio's DC Departure

Bleeding Cool broke the news earlier today (and then chicken website copied it without giving any attribution). After ten long, grueling years of reboots, rebirths, and more reboots, Dan Didio is out at DC. Though, if you were reading Twitter, you might have thought he died or something, based on all the nice and reverent things people are suddenly saying about him and the sort of "don't speak ill of the dead" tone going around. Didio was one of the top executives at one of the two biggest comic book companies in the world for a decade. He will land on his feet. Besides, it's not like he had a paycheck-to-paycheck job with no benefits and poor job security like Amazon warehouse worker or comic book creator. Whoops, scratch that, Amazon warehouse workers do get benefits.

In any case, Didio is gone, and now everybody loves him and everybody has always loved him, to hear them tell it… except for one creator who's currently throwing a party over Didio's departure on Twitter. And if you guessed it was superstar artist Rob Liefeld, well… we don't have a prize for you, because honestly, it was an easy guess.


Liefeld, who just last year predicted DC's doom thanks to Didio's leadership, tweeted:

Ouch. So how do you like to remember Dan Didio? Personally, we like to remember him like this:

dan didio

Yes, that's right, Didio had a full head of luscious hair when he started at DC. It's a difficult job. Takes a toll on you. R.I.P. Dan Didio. You'll be missed.

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