Robert Kirkman Will Bring Back Walking Dead if We Stop Buying His Other Comics

Good news for fans of The Walking Dead still upset that the series abruptly ended earlier this month. Robert Kirkman would be willing to bring the series back, so long as his career tanks so badly that he has no other options!

According to a report from geometry-themed video game website Polygon, Kirkman told attendees of his San Diego Comic-Con panel Thursday that he has a secret "escape hatch" if he needs to relaunch The Walking Dead.

Negan is alive. I think that's a cool tidbit. He's still out there, theoretically living in that farmhouse, so there might be a story to be told there. It's possible that that's my escape hatch' if my career takes a hard nosedive — I'll just roll out a Negan comic when I'm 42.

Kirkman did say that he has no current plans to bring back the series, a point repeated by the Skybound Twitter account, and also that he has several secret projects in the works.


But that just means that we need to cause his career to tank so that he has no other options. Kirkman has given a deadline of "when I'm 42" for all of his upcoming ventures to fail. That means that we have until November 2020 to leave Kirkman in a completely desperate state in order to force the Walking Dead revival.

So no matter what happens, remember, you must not buy any comics Kirkman publishes, watch any of his TV shows, or probably even support Skybound in any way, in order to make sure that he is backed into a corner and has absolutely no choice but to relaunch The Walking Dead with this Negan series. It will be a tough job, but it's your duty as a Walking Dead fan to see this through.

Robert Kirkman Will Bring Back Walking Dead if We Stop Supporting His Other Comics

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